Dad Says ‘You’re Grounded! as Mars Conjunct Pluto – Mar 22/23

There are 4 minor aspects early on Sunday that will offer inspired ideas and some healing around family. But the big energy is that Saturn is now in Aquarius and Mars is applying to Conjunct Pluto. We are already feeling these energies, but the exacting of aspects to Pluto usually creates ‘events’ as well. If your time is limited, jump right to the Mars/Pluto Conjunction so you are well-prepared.

Sunday, Mar 22, EST

At 9:19am Mercury at 4:40 Pisces Sextiled Uranus at 4:40 Taurus.

This was some deeply inspiring or unexpected communication regarding changes to earned income, values or our socializing. My daughter called me to say that her TV production friends all text her last night basically begging her to cancel a shoot. I hate to tell people ‘no’ so I had told her that with Saturn in Aquarius there would be newly inspired social pressure to distance and not put yourself at risk. What did you hear and say overnight and this morning? Keep in mind that Uranus makes communication and ideas ‘viral’ in the same way he can with viruses.

The next 3 aspects are occurring simultaneously and just prior to Mars and Pluto exacting their Conjunction. We really have to consider all of these aspects in combined energies happening by evening time.

At 11:08pm Venus at 18:57 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 18:57 Pisces.

Here our desires to acquire and touch appropriately are well-received. Though we may not touch so much, the feeling can still be there and felt.

At 11:19pm Mercury at 5:13 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 5:13 Aries.

Some deeply, Soulful words that we may be hesitant to initiate, but they help once we do. Staying ‘hidden’ or unseen (Pisces) from others is all part of the lack of motivation to initiate or assert ourselves (Chiron in Aries). But it is the best course of action. Words can work where physical presence isn’t advised.

At 11:58pm Venus at 18:59 Taurus Semi-Squares the North Node at 3:59 Cancer.

Not too irritating, but a reminder to be careful even touching family or those in your home. I’ve heard about couples in NY apartments who are ‘living’ in different rooms so they don’t both get sick at the same time. This may be one of those times where you desire to keep family distance in order to show your love.

Monday, Mar 23

At 1:20am Mars at 24:43 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 24:43 Capricorn.

Mars is making the ‘Grounding’ Personal, but by April 4, the ‘Grounding’ is likely to become more widespread as Jupiter Conjuncts Pluto (or lifted?)

Confrontation is usually involved in some way with these 2 Planets in aspect. Pursuit of passion, motivated to share resources to just get laid is another. But given that it IS beginning a new cycle between the 2 Planets in the Sign of Capricorn, we can expect that fathers may be showing us our boundaries and enforcing them as well. If you have someone who wants to pursue their passions over the smart boundaries of social distancing, this will be a common trigger that authority is likely to win out. It can also be that someone is going to initiate sharing resources with you which will be helpful at this given time. Random Acts of Intimacy both physical AND financial are possible. But so is outright aggression especially if it hits your chart is a harder way. So be mindful. This can certainly be LOCKDOWN coming from authorities operating on your own best interest, they feel. This is what Fathers do when they ‘GROUND their children’. You may be GROUNDED by the time you wake up Monday morning. Though it has been occurring in other locations already as a part of the Jan 12 Saturn/Pluto Conjunction.

At 2:42am Jupiter at 23:14 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 5:14 Aries.

Here you will be able to take the higher road and see how the authorities are actually being benevolent in protecting us all from Mars Conjunct Jupiter’s (from Friday morning) expanding the spread of infection. Some healing is available now as we accept our lack of initiative and see the global benefits to NOT acting in many of our usual ways right now.

By Monday evening the Sun will being Squaring the Nodes of Fate and we will some things very clearly regarding letting go (South Node in Capricorn) of public status, career and bread-winning in favor of nurturing in the home (North Node in Cancer). Over the weekend the North Node Opposed the Dec 26 Eclipse degree and we were feeling the impetus of initiating public structures that support the global good that that Eclipse began.

At 5:28am on Tuesday morning we will have the New Moon at 4:12 Aries. This is the halfway point through the Solar Eclipse cycle that began on Dec 26 at 4:07 Capricorn. Where are we in the process of that ‘Fresh Start’? How will we wrap it up by June’s Eclipses?

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