New Moon at 4:12 Aries – Mar 23/24

Mars is Separating from Pluto and will be applying to Conjunct Saturn on Mar 31. The story line continues to build as Jupiter now applies to Pluto and will exact on Apr 4.

Monday, Mar 23, EST, PM

At 7:20pm the Sun at 3:47 Aries Squares the North Node at 3:47 Cancer.

This is clarity around how the Nodes of Fate have been affecting each of us and our individual motivations and willpower. Who is ‘staying in’ (North Node in Cancer) and who is not (South Node in Capricorn)? This may be an area of clarity that turns into goal-setting. The Sun will soon Conjunct Chiron and we will see where our lack of motivation is coming from and how it may actually be helping us all right now.

At 8:59pm the Moon Ingresses Aries and begins applying to the Sun. We can align our public goals and life (Sun) with our private feelings to know what lies ahead for the next 30 days or so.

Tuesday, Mar 24

At 5:28am the Moon at 4:12 Aries Conjuncts the Sun at 4:12 Aries creating the Annual New Moon in Aries.

Just prior to this New Moon the Sun will Square the Dec 26 Solar Eclipse degree of 4:07 Capricorn marking the half-way point in the Eclipse’s Super-Charged ‘Fresh Start’. That Eclipse was Conjunct Jupiter and many did squeeze in vacays and such before global fear of a Pandemic hit. In Aries, the New Moon will bring a ‘fresh start’ to the area of life where we initiate things, where we have strong willpower and want to act to get things done. But the New Moon is Conjunct Chiron and Black Moon Lillith as well and Semi-Sextile to Uranus and still separating from a Square to the Nodes of Fate as well as the Eclipse, so there is much energy here. But it WILL show (Sun) us how we feel (Moon) about not being able to act in the usual ways. Though our motivation has been down anyway and we can see why that is helping us at this time.

At 7:43am Venus at 20:18 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 5:18 Aries.

Venus LOVES to feed those she loves, just make it great food rather than fear.

Sure, we are not able to touch others the way we are used to. But we can still act in ways that demonstrate our love if we try. Resources may seem tight but Soulfully we know there is nothing to fear here. So go into that Soulful/5D space.

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