Could Jupiter Conjunct Pluto Bring the Cure? – Apr 4

Jupiter is optimism and hope. Pluto seeks transformation. We have had a crisis of faith about our public authorities since Pluto Ingressed Capricorn in 2008 and the US Presidential election at that time.

Mercury is duality and double-mindedness and is where Karma starts (Gemini). Jupiter reconciles polarity (Sagittarius). There is every reason to believe that if you TRUST authorities right now, what you will SEE will be what you desire to SEE. Delve deep into your spiritual philosophy to see if it holds up.

If we seek to use the same lower conscious mind (Mercury) to view current events, then that is ALL that you will SEE no matter what. But if you allow Jupiter to elevate your own thinking, it could be amazing.

When I lived in North Carolina, I noticed some interesting things around Hurricane season. Those locations who were ‘prepared’ (think proactive), even though they were supposed to get hit, didn’t!!

I try to be very apolitical and don’t follow politics. But with 4 Planets beginning new cycles in this Sign, and in my 3rd House of conscious mind and communication, it is impossible to avoid.

Hurricanes or Pandemics, folks who ‘pray’ (as a good way to use Jupiter energy) or ‘prepare’ have a comfort in moving through the energy. Its like the mythological story of the Passover. We should each be supporting the efforts of our authorities now as this is the perfect opportunity for them to be TRANSFORMED into the type of the authority we seek (via Jupiter showing us good leadership styles).

Living in tribal cultures, like the Middle East, for over 8 years, I was able to see how the idea of ‘father’ is the model for all of their culture. The King is the chief ‘father’. The I-Ching uses the model of the family and the roles of each in the family to demonstrate good public authority. Everyone in the family (North Node in Cancer) must respect and honor their father so that he will be the benevolent leader to them. If you don’t trust your husband or your dad, you will get (Karmically) that which you expect.

So the energy between now and Apr 4 can be one that seeks the lower ideals and partisan politics (Mercury’s domain) or you can elevate your ideas into the 5D mind of using your Higher Mind to move through it.

Everything that gets too extreme in the Universe is naturally corrected and balanced. We are fortunate (Jupiter) to have Pluto Conjuncting these Planets in Capricorn because it is TIME (according to Saturn as ‘father time’) to see a new way of exercising authority.

And that goes for your OWN use of authority in every aspect of your life. I guarantee you that Jupiter is going to call you out over the next 10 days to move into his higher consciousness and out of the duality/Karmic/Mercury mind.

The CURE isn’t just a vaccine, its a complete overall of everyone’s use of power and authority. But Jupiter brings reconciliation and HEALS!! So a cure is very possible. And especially as Jupiter is applying to his Quadranovile to the North Node tonight!

The folly of 3D authority is about to be righted. Follow the energy and leave your 3D mind behind.

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