Soulful Clarity, Gratitude & Unexpected Opportunities – Mar 24/25

So this week we are building towards Mars Conjunct Saturn (Mar 31) at 0:40 Aquarius and Jupiter Conjunct Pluto at 24:53 Capricorn. We are at the beginning of new cycles: Saturn Conjunct Pluto (Jan 12 at 22:47 Capricorn); Mars Conjunct Jupiter (Mar 20 at 22:49 Capricorn); Mars Conjunct Pluto (Mar 23 at 24:43 Capricorn). That is a LOT of public structure energy.

When we think about ‘seniors’ being the main target of this virus, that will be very real come Apr 4 when Jupiter, which rules wisdom and seniors, Conjuncts Pluto who rules death (3D) and transformation (5D). Mars Conjunct Pluto made it very Personal for each of us. We got our ‘stay at home’ orders in many states and countries. Jupiter rules long distance travel so we are already seeing airlines stopping all flights. Baby-Boomers, who share the ideal of Neptune in Libra have all of this energy converging in their generational 4th House of family, home, land, etc. Saturn Conjunct Pluto in their 4th House is literally death of family father-figure or bread-winner which and shared resources (Pluto) from the government (Capricorn/Saturn).

Mars Conjunct Saturn is going to be motivation to restrict peoples’ gathering even more stringently. It will be enforced by the collective as much as the government. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto can help us select better money management leaders but can also challenge our seniors, foreigners and others at long distance from us. For example, in Northern MI our ‘seniors’ (aka retirees) fly south to Florida for the winter. Many of them are still down there. Will they try to come home for the summer? Or is that already curtailed? There is a very serious lack of ventilators up here for ANYONE. So it would not be prudent for them to do so at all. This is Jupiter Conjunct Pluto. Immigration is stopped, but so could be insurance, and other Jupiter forms of providing. OR it could in some cases be a bigger payout. The ‘Stimulus Checks’ are quintessential Jupiter and Pluto Conjunction! The silver lining maybe to keep things from devolving into what the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction alone could have completely destroyed. Be thankful for Jupiter bringing balance to Pluto and Mars bringing some balance to Saturn.

Oh, and be careful when flushing things OTHER than toilet paper down the toilet. Saturn and Pluto is blocked sewer lines and blocked intestines. When Saturn comes back to 25:20 (the degree of Pluto’s Retrograde Station) we can can expect more problems in this area.

But today and Wednesday we have a lot of clarity. So use it to your advantage. It IS a personal thing in Aries.

Tuesday, Mar 24, EST, PM

At 7:44pm the Sun at 4:47 Aries Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 4:47 Taurus.

Uranus brings us flashes of insight and inspiration so we can really use this clarifying revelation right now. It will be about actions you can take for your personally around touch, resources and our collective values.

At 11:45pm Jupiter at 23:30 Capricorn Quadranoviles the True North Node at 3:30 Cancer.

This is an aspect in the 9th Harmonic and it can deliver unexpected events and with Jupiter some unexpected opportunities. The North Node is keeping everyone at home because the ‘public realm’ (Capricorn) is currently unsafe (Saturn/Pluto). So the story goes. So let’s see what fortunate turn of events might just pop up this evening.

Wednesday, Mar 25

At 9:27am the Sun at 5:22 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 5:22 Aries.

Gratitude will see you through any personal challenges today. Try to soak in the awareness from both Uranus and Chiron that your Soul asked for this experience and you will be in the right space for what lies ahead.

At 2:45pm the Sun at 5:35 Aries Quintiles Jupiter at 23:35 Capricorn.

Any healing that needs to take place can be done now. You can see the Soulful big picture and arrive at some spiritual truths to see you through. Jupiter is asking you to trust the authorities and to act in ways the ways they have asked. Remember: No one can be trustworthy unless you TRUST them. Trust starts and ends with us. Stay in 5D and watch the balancing that Jupiter is seeking to bring to the Saturn/Pluto energy. Yes, you and another are involved in this effortless insight.

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