‘Boomer Removal’ or Unexpected Deaths (Uranus Opposite Millennials’ Pluto)?

So it is hard to put into words all that is going on right now with the COVID-19 global pandemic. But this screenshot sent to me by an Astrology client/acquaintance put it all in perspective (as Sun was Quintile to Jupiter Mar 25). I don’t watch much news so don’t follow conventional wisdom or current events very much at all. Mercury aspects have to use someone else to notify me.

But I felt this captured so much of what I put into my Vast, Transformational Change videos, Part 1 & 2. Minus the current Uranus in Taurus Opposite Pluto in Scorpio of those born Nov 5, 1983 to Jan 17, 1995 (minus Pluto’s Rx into Libra: May 18, 1984 to Aug 18, 1984). This group could be ‘millennials’ for the most part.

As we all grapple with the new ‘Social Distancing’ via Saturn in Aquarius, those with Pluto in Scorpio are already going through Uranus in Taurus Opposite their Pluto in Scorpio. Uranus and Pluto’s energies involve: drastic change, unexpected death, complete new way of operating, and sudden shedding of a skin. Put Uranus in Taurus and you have bizarre ways of touching, unexpected change around touch, awareness of touch, etc. Pluto rules Scorpio and is in his truest form there. He rules transformation (5D) and death (3D).

AND since 2008 when Pluto first Ingressed Capricorn, Pluto has been killing the ‘Boomer’ dream (Neptune in Libra) of marrying once for life. And killing off many of their ‘partners’ as well. Though Boomers began to divorce more frequently as well.

Now Pluto has been Conjunct the Neptune of the Millennials as he Transits through Capricorn. Millennials imagine/dream about a perfect government. They idealize authority. And their Uranus is Conjunct their Neptunes (for most of them anyway) and Pluto is both ‘killing’ their dream AND bringing drastic change, sudden death, etc. to their public world.

But the ‘removal’ part is more than just the ‘death’. Yes, the Millennials will supplant the Boomers in the halls of authority in the near future. That is their ideal reality and dream. As Boomers have been the major voting blocks for the next few decades, Millennials are getting waking up and getting politically involved in order to realize their dream.

So Boomers and Millennials are BOTH being Transformed generationally at this time. And sudden death of the Boomers is all part of the Millennials charts too. Its that simple.

Looking at today’s chart to see a ‘global pandemic’ wouldn’t really make it show up really easily. You HAVE to look at the long cycles of the Outer Planets and the generational aspects between age groups to see the order of things. And not ALL Uranus/Pluto Oppositions result in so much death and certainly not death around touch and close proximity. But Uranus makes everything universal and it can spread like lightning (which Uranus rules). Pluto transforms via this revelation of sudden change and circumstances.

Mar 15, 1918, when the 1st wave of Spanish Flu hit the US

Looking at this chart, there is a Grand Mutable Cross involving the Nodes of Fate (27:00 Capricorn/Cancer, the same axis as we have now but reversed); Mars and Black Moon Lillith (in Virgo the Sign of health) and Chiron in Pisces set to Ingress Aries. They also had a Karmic Return of Saturn Conjunct Neptune in Leo (the Sign of children, fun, romance, etc). Younger people were dying with this Flu rather than older people. As the months go by, Saturn will Oppose Uranus in Aquarius, too, bringing about a change to the ‘Status Quo’ and ‘social distancing’ due to the spread of the disease.

But Uranus, Saturn and Neptune are ALL Square to the Sign of Taurus, which is Opposite Scorpio. Squares are harder than Oppositions. But this puts Uranus Square to the Pluto of those born with Pluto in Taurus. Again, unexpected or sudden death from touch. Then Saturn and Neptune began Squaring these same Natal Plutos in Taurus.

Jupiter is on the South Node in Gemini making issue a global one that is brought too close to home and local communities.

We just had Chiron Square the Nodes of Fate. And when the virus was getting started, back in Dec 2019, BML was in Pisces where everyone could pick up each others’ subconscious fears. And Uranus is Opposing rather than Squaring a generational age group’s Natal Pluto.

There is so much to consider when looking at such major issues. In the 1918 chart, once Uranus Trines Pluto there is no doubt the ‘virus’ will not be killing people. There would be an ease. We, too, are nearing a Trine from Uranus to Pluto in a few years. Though it will be our Opening Trine of the pair rather than the Closing Trine as they would have had in 1919.

But the Planets create the energies of EVERYTHING we SEE and FEEL under the Sun. So it is not ‘Boomer Removal’ but it is an ending to their ideal reality (Neptune in Libra) making way for the reality of the Millennnials.

When Pluto Ingresses Aquarius in 2024, he will begin to Square the Neptune of those both AFTER the Boomers. Uranus rules Aquarius and it is a similar energy around sudden death, Uranus/Aquarius rules circulation and is Opposite Leo which rules the heart, so heart attacks and strokes will be the more likely way for this age group to leave the Planet. And Uranus will move on to Oppose the younger age group’s Pluto in Sagittarius bringing sudden death from foreigners or far-away places. Ending of long-distance travel, etc.

And so the Zodiac Wheel turns in fixed heavenly orbit. The story was written before you incarnated. You signed up for this adventure. Watch it with the detached Soul Awareness and be grateful for the experience.

5 thoughts on “‘Boomer Removal’ or Unexpected Deaths (Uranus Opposite Millennials’ Pluto)?

  1. This is a really well thought out article and provides much value. Uranus opp. natal Pluto is scary but it’s our next level of growing up as a generation and stepping into who we are as leaders like you’ve mentioned. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I borned in Jul-1989 – Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all in Capricorn. It’s happening this transit – Uranus opposite my Pluto. A very rare transit that happens once in my whole life. I won’t never experience this transit anymore – that’s why it’s has powerful meaning. Pluto has already transform all my Capricorn’s house when it conjuncted all these natal planets in my Capricorn area, and since then I have been receiving the insights from Uranus to transform the necessary changes.
    Thanks for your inputs.

  3. Beth is like putting on glasses when the words are blurry. Where you are blind, she will help you see clearly. There is nothing quite like a reading with her. She is my Prozac, my glasses, and my teacher that never ceases to amaze. Do yourself a favor. Book a reading. It will be the most empowering 45 min you’ve ever had!

    1. Oh that is the nicest review! But I do know you mean it🥰 and it’s so good to be of service and offer that clarity.

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