BML Quintiles Pluto & Venus Trines Jupiter/Pluto – Mar 27/28

Friday, Mar 27, EST, PM

At 3:00pm Black Moon Lillith at 6:47 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 27:47 Capricorn.

This is the final exacting with the 3-Way involving Sun, BML and Pluto. The Sun first Conjunct BML, then Quintiled Pluto and this aspect wraps it up. BML represents 5D energy and in Aries we can actually have more energy and be more physical than normal. But both the Sun and BML met in a tight Conjunction to Chiron as well so we may not always realize the ‘superhero’ capabilities of BML in Aries for amazing physical feats. Pluto may be wanting to try this energy out in the bedroom or boardroom. Either way, see if you can detect some effortless energy to create a magical outcome using some of the clarity the Sun provided us yesterday (Thursday).

Saturday, Mar 28

Today Venus will be in orb of a Trine to both Jupiter and Pluto as they near their Apr 4 Conjunction. All forms of touching, love, available resources, earned income and desires will be highlighted by our new forms of leadership styles (Jupiter in Capricorn) and our shared resources managed by authority types (Pluto in Capricorn).

At 12:24am Venus at 23:54 Taurus Trines Jupiter at 23:54 Capricorn.

A nice easy energy between our 2 Healing Planets and Planets of values and wisdom. Can we use our values and optimism to move through what has been going on with social distancing and the like? Can we understand new ways of ‘touching’ that demonstrates our love and benevolence. Actually ways we touch now ARE benevolent as we are protecting the safety of seniors (which Jupiter rules).

At 10:57pm Venus at 24:48 Taurus Trines Pluto at 24:48 Capricorn.

This is an easy aspect we can ride from 3D to 5D if you use it (as we can with the Trine above as well). But here we have the 2 Money Planets: mine and yours/ours. Are our authority types using our resources as an example of good leadership and use of power? Are we each willing to offer our own resources where they may be needed? That may be more Uranus in Taurus’ role, but here we are choosing to merge what is ours with what is social/collective capital within the governmental systems. Or within your own circle of career authority.

Social distancing is protecting our collective capital at the same time and we can love our new power to do so.

There are no aspects on Sunday between the Transiting Planets, but many aspects are still in orb and in their separating energy can be very powerful. See if you can discern which Planets are creating various results.

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