Do YOU SEE what I SEE? The many differences in our Lens to the Conscious World – Mercury

In short… NO. But its far more intricate an answer than that;)

What determines HOW we VIEW the world and events around us? Our entire Natal Chart does!! But even more specifically the nature, location and status of our own Mercury. Now when something globally public is occurring, as we have Jupiter (global) Conjunct Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (the MOST public House of the Zodiac, then we all perceive things differently.

Jupiter is a Transpersonal Planet, like Saturn/Capricorn energy. Its Transits involve you and another/or others. Pluto is a generational Planet and affects us for years as he Transits through a Sign. This is the energy most prominent at the moment as Jupiter and Pluto are very near the degrees of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction (of Jan 12 at 22:47 Capricorn) and both are still in orb of Mars and Saturn who have already passed by this degree. Jupiter and Pluto are set to Conjunct on Apr 4 at 24:49 Capricorn. But since Jan, these 4 Planets have all begun new cycles with Pluto from 22-24 degrees of Capricorn. That is a LOT of new energy and it is transforming our public structures at warp speed.

But how is our conscious/Mercury mind dealing with all of this transformation? And what are we each SEEING? Well, we can look to Mercury in Transit for some insight. As Mercury Transits, he is giving us each various opportunities for expressing events. Mercury is currently Transiting through Pisces and will be leaving his last Retrograde cycle behind on Sunday, Mar 29, evening (as he clears 12:53 Pisces). During his Rx cycle, Mercury did go back into Aquarius (Mar 4-16 28:13 -29:59 Aquarius) and looked again at the ‘virus’ situation that might have escaped his comprehension on the first pass (Feb 2-3) to these degrees.

Aquarius is significant here for our conscious mind/Mercury to be Transiting right now because Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which makes things ‘viral’ or universal. On his Direct Station (Mar 9) Mercury was picking up the information that he missed on his first pass through. It was right in this window that things began to ‘heat up’ regarding the virus spreading everywhere. With our review completed in Aquarius, Mercury moved through 0:00-12:53 Pisces again for the 3rd time refining the changes of plans that needed to be made based on his review of the information. Fortunately, Mercury has been in 2 Higher Mind energies during his current Rx cycle: Uranus rules Aquarius and Neptune rules Pisces. As Mercury continues through Pisces, he will be reviewing subconscious fears with a need to dissolve some in order to begin an new annual conscious cycle once he reaches Aries (Apr 11). But he will quickly meet with Chiron there and be seeing more of our wounding around being concerned with self, insecure, lacking motivation and basically immobilized due to this COVID-19.

For all Scorpio Suns and many Scorpio Risings, the Saturn/Pluto, Mars/Pluto and Jupiter/Pluto Conjunctions have occurred in our natural 3rd House of our conscious mind. So for us, Mercury energy is very strong right now. What House do you have these Planets Transiting right now? It will determine the ways you FEEL this energy and which area of life it is impacting. In our conscious, we are ‘informed’ on public matters of politics, governments, corporations and banks as well as others who hold power. We understand how social status affects your image.

But the 3rd House is a messy place because it IS ruled by the slippery dude, Mercury. He is unstable and bounces back and further in duality of ‘good and evil.’ Everything has a shadow side to it. Mercury makes us suspicious sometimes about public authority. But Pluto in Mercury makes us see the shadow side ALL the time. 3rd House in Capricorn IS the 2-party system of constant warring between the 2 sides.

For this reason we have to use our Higher Minds to guide us and use Mercury for his best purpose: as the ‘lens’ to the seen world. You are in 3D if Mercury is in charge of your world view. In 3D, every action has a consequence. In 5D, you stop reacting to the 3D view of the world. Yes, each Planet has a 3D vibration, 4D and 5D. So it is up to you to choose which one you resonate with. Apocalypses can happen, but in 5D you realize it is just energy and you watch from a detached emotional space (Uranus) that is non-judgmental.

For all Aquarius Suns and many Aquarius Risings Chiron and Black Moon Lillith are in your 3rd House of the conscious mind. You may be seeing through through ‘lying eyes’ which is Chiron in a 3rd House placement. You may not like ANYTHING you are seeing right now. Though BML is tempering Chiron’s impact and offering some great 5D ability to rise above it. You likely can tell who is lying and who is not. And many of you also had the Saturn/Pluto, Mars/Pluto and Jupiter/Pluto cycles begin in your 12th House. That was like a dark night of the Soul around Jan 12. But Aquarians will be acutely aware of things going on with their physical bodies. Though Uranus in their 5th House may have them seeking fun and romance if they can find the motivation;)

I will write about what other Sun Signs might be SEEING right now. But we also have to consider our Natal Mercury and Transits to it right now.

The point is: no 2 people see exactly the same thing;)

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