The Cure – Mar 29

At 3:06pm on Friday, a client/friend called and just as we got talking about all the great, yet overwhelming, good fortune she was having, she told me about ‘the cure’ for COVID-19.

Its funny because at 3:00pm Black Moon Lillith at 6:47 Aries exacted her Quintile to Pluto at 24:47 Capricorn. BML was still in orb of a Quintile to Jupiter as well and so this was some 5D (BML) insight into what the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction, which exacts on Apr 4, is bringing about.

I wrote just a few days before that that they were likely to bring forward ‘the cure’ as Jupiter heals AND brings optimism. So it was little surprise, but the way I received the information was certainly 5D if you saw Samantha’s and my charts together. The financial stimulus bill that was signed is ALSO Jupiter Conjunct Pluto and lifted everyone’s spirits. But this is the bigger optimistic thrust especially for seniors (Jupiter).

So ‘the cure’ is a combination of 3 existing ‘drugs’ used to fight other viruses and malaria. Trump had been referring to it the entire week, but the scientist, Dr. Fauci, was saying it hadn’t been through testing. Trump had already passed a bill/law stating that people can request specific drugs from doctors as other authorities involved have been trying to stop doctors from prescribing this remedy. Why? Well, money was involved right? That would be Pluto. And WHO (pun intended) is making the money was the issue. If you have a drug/s that have already been in use than no new money is really required to create a new ‘cure.’ Sure, a vaccine, will be a good thing. But for now, saving lives is how we apply Jupiter’s optimism. And maybe we don’t need a million ventilators to do so.

But politics (Capricorn) and political parties (Mercury’s duality) aside, there IS an answer and a cure to keep COVID-19 from going into your respiratory system to become fatal. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Opposite of Gemini, which rules the lungs. Jupiter is elevating the situation to take it out of the Karmic he said/she said of Karmic discourse. Aka healing the lungs and respiratory system.

So to use the cure in the short term, Samantha said to ask your Doctor for these medications and keep asking until they prescribe them. If Uranus rules viruses and making things viral, then we can do our part to make this information universal as Uranus would also do. Remember, all of the Planets prior to Conjuncting Pluto first made a Biseptile to Uranus which is spiritual accountability to group karma. So isn’t it fitting that all is coming out this way.

It is in the Planets rather than the people. Though the Planets use people to carry out their energy. The time is RIGHT to trust authority that is being TRANSPARENT as Pluto is in 5D. Keep the information circulating that aligns with the highest Planetary vibrations.

Here is the cure:

Request these medications from your Doctor UNTIL they are prescribed for you. In some states, Michigan included, the Governors have threatened actions against Doctors using ‘untested’ medications for this virus.

Here is the Qualified Validation Letter:

What a difference a CURE makes, huh? Don’t you feel the world being lifted off your shoulders? Jupiter-style. But keep in mind, we still need to adhere to the boundaries being set on our movement via Saturn in Aquarius. Mars will be there soon so it will be interesting. But the concession right now is to do what is prescribed for our personal actions (Chiron and BML in Aries) and stay home (North Node in Cancer) and see what other good things might be in the works through Apr 4.

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