Jupiter Conjunct Pluto & Venus Makes Magic with Both Karmic Planets – Apr 4/5

In 5D, you need to be able to recognize each Planet’s energy and identify the result of their aspects to each other. So I write each day about the aspects between the Transiting Planets that affect us ALL in some way and yet affect each of us as well in unique ways. You can order a Personal Transit Report for 30-90 days at a time so you can begin to feel and own your Natal Chart energies. Go to My Store to order these. Though my writing may seem tedious to some who follow me, I write for those who are still working on learning the FEEL of the Planets. If you follow what I write, you will begin to read your own chart as well. Though Phone Readings are beneficial in helping to clarify the energies you are feeling so you can really get it.

If you know someone who wants to learn more about their charts and what is going on today, please invite them to follow this blog. But only as your awareness leads you to.

At 1:09pm Venus at 0:54 Taurus Trines Saturn at 0:54 Aquarius.

Venus’ first aspect since Ingressing Gemini and its a good with it Trining Saturn. As both are Transiting in Air Signs, it is likely there will be ideas tossed about regarding acquiring resources in your local community and staying in the boundaries of limiting groups of people. You may just desire to clean your car as its a smart use of time. Resources will be easily found via charity groups and authority types. You can take this Trine’s energy from 3D to 5D. Saturn is a Karmic Planet, but there doesn’t have to be any 3D energy here if you use it to your advantage.

At 2:01pm the Sun at 15:26 Aries Quintiles Mars at 3:26 Aquarius.

Mars rules the Sun in Aquarius so there is energy here to initiate some action. The Quintile will make it magical and effortless. Mars can take these Quintiles for granted thinking it is all him, but the Sun knows better. The Sun is helping us to set goals for our individual needs and motivations that work well within the current social norm of not congregating, not getting together in large numbers, etc. But today we can assert ourselves successfully.

At 2:16pm Mercury at 20:22 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 5:22 Taurus.

Some irritating words that fly out of your mouth so fast you were unable to process them until them landed. However, these unexpected expressions are self-sanitizing at the same time. Uranus will help you to end anything that is no longer needed in your life. And you can move forward without lingering feelings.

At 10:45pm Jupiter at 24:53 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 24:53 Capricorn.

This is the biggie I have been writing about several times now. Most of the energy has created various things in each of our’s realities. But exact events with Pluto usually create something significant as well. So watch tonight for anything that fits this energy and see how their energies are merged and how that feels in the Sign of Capricorn. Read this post for more details.

Sunday, Apr 5, EST

At 3:21am Venus at 1:25 Gemini Quintiles Neptune at 19:25 Pisces.

It doesn’t get much nicer than this for a quick ease between our desires and our subconscious mind. The Quintile results in a magical feel that will affect our words and expressions as well as our ability to touch and/or heal with someone. It could be siblings, neighbors, classmates and others in your local community or it could be others shown by the House where you have 1:25 Gemini in your Natal Chart. Chances are there are some hidden fantasy characters involved here, too. But you can magically spend time with them right now in an effortless way that has no fear around touch. Resources could be made available that allows someone in your local community to experience the magic of abundance in this moment. Neptune is the other Karmic Planet in 3D, but in 5D is the granter of your desires tonight.

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