Full Moon in Libra; Mutually-Agreed Action or Inaction – Apr 7

Monday, Apr 6, EST

At 5:17pm the Moon Ingresses Libra. This is the start of the energy that will culminate at the Full Moon tomorrow. See below.

Tuesday, Apr 7

At 2:50pm Mars at 5:32 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 5:32 Taurus.

I like to give enough time for you to consider this aspect before it exacts. There is awareness to be had, for sure, as Mars is also Transiting through Uranus’ Sign. But Uranian flashes can come in so quickly and Mars acts before he thinks and often this can result in ‘accidents’. So its best to avoid rickety ladders, aggressive driving and the like so you are better able to take in the revelation. Likely you want your freedom and yet that might make you ‘socially irresponsible’. Let Uranus show you which actions to take here as it is to the benefit of the collective or groups. If you want to pursue some passion, Uranus might help you to experiment, but it might not be what the situation calls for. Its a Square, so keep that in mind.

At 5:28pm Mercury at 24:55 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 24:55 Capricorn.

This evening Mercury will be rolling through the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction. It is a good opportunity to express or hear someone else express what Jupiter and Pluto are doing together. It might still be a bit confusing as Mercury is in Neptune, or you can simply KNOW the words are accurate. What is being transformed in our public structures? How is our collective capital being handled? How many deaths are being reported? The Sextile will keep subconscious fears from getting the best of us. So what gets said, thought and planned could be very telling.

At 10:20pm Mercury at 25:13 Pisces Sextiles Jupiter at 25:13 Capricorn.

How optimistic are you feeling about the future of things? Has Jupiter given you reason to expect things are above aboard and there is a fortunate enough outcome? Or will we be working through this again as Jupiter Retrogrades and meets Pluto 2 more times? Which leadership style have you seen that you feels offers the best approach to the issues at hand?

At 10:35pm the Moon at 18:44 Libra Opposes the Sun at 18:44 Aries creating the annual Full Moon in Libra.

Full Moon at 18:44 Libra, Apr 7, 10:35pm, EST

A Full Moon in Libra is an emotional peak around you and a significant other/s. You can see your own needs (Sun in Aries) in contrast to the needs of another (Moon in Libra)? How do we strike a balance? I want to break out and do my own thing, but the consensus of others (Libra) is keeping me in check? Can I continue to satisfy the needs of others and still be active enough?

With Chiron in Aries right now, there is a wounding around motivation and this is making it easier to comply with the ‘stay home, stay safe’ mandate. How do I feel about so much time with my significant other? Are we growing closer or do I need more freedom and alone time?

And this Full Moon, like all others, is likely to see a peak in some virus emergencies and accidents as well.

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