Mercury Ingresses Aries; The First Breath of a New Cycle – Apr 10/11

Friday, Apr 10, PM, EST

At 5:22pm Mars at 7:42 Aquarius Biquintiles the North Node at 1:42 Cancer.

Our motivations to socialize, likely online from home, brings effortless nurturing and security within the family circle. Your actions create wonderful feelings in others.

At 9:39pm Venus at 6:19 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 6:19 Aries.

The way you approach communication or touching heals your own insecurity or lack of motivation. Or you realize that beauty really is more about internal values rather than external ‘looks’.

Saturday, Apr 11

At 12:48am Mercury Ingresses Aries.

We have left the womb of Pisces where Mercury had his last Rx cycle. So he stayed there for a long time. Now he is going to enter Aries and we will take our first breath of life in the new cycle that is going to be in our seen/conscious realm.

This is going to find us initiating some communication around our new cycle of conscious reality. And over the next week, we will see how we are viewing things now that Mercury has began this new cycle.

At 1:38am Mercury at 1:16 Aries Sextiles Saturn at 1:16 Aquarius.

A helpful aspect to Mercury in seeing how to curb his own will to initiate communication as Saturn will remind him to be socially responsible. If you find yourself wanting to go visit a friend to tell them everything that is on your mind, Saturn will suggest you reign in this energy and find other ways to express yourself.

All day Sunday Mercury will be applying to a Square to the Nodes of Fate. When Chiron Squared the Nodes on Mar 13, things really began to amp up in the Pandemic arena. Mercury rules the lungs and will continue on to Conjunct Chiron on Apr 15. For the next few days, we will begin to SEE more of what this new cycle is about regarding a wounding of the self in isolation from others (except for family, but even some are isolated from family members in the home).

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