Check is in the Bank – Apr 15

Wednesday, Apr 15, EST, PM

At 1:35pm Venus at 9:58 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto at 24:58 Capricorn.

Both Planets are in their Phase 1, Shadow Phase of their upcoming Retrograde cycles. Pluto is just 2 minutes from his Retrograde Station which will exact on Apr 25 at 25:00 Capricorn. Venus is only a few degrees into her Phase 1. But this Ses-Square requires an adjustment to create an ease. These are our 2 Money Planets: mine (Venus) and yours/ours (Pluto). There could be a contract (Gemini) involved here or a spoken word that shows the adjustment necessary to merge. Those Stimulus checks (Jupiter/Pluto) could be in your bank now. How are you going to manage these new resources you are acquiring through the benevolence of Uncle Sam (or put your country here)?

Venus is already in orb of this same aspect to Jupiter (stimulus part of the check) so this energy isn’t over yet. A bit ironic that today is usually ‘Tax Deadline’ in the US and instead its the day our Stimulus Checks should begin to arrive;) Is there a cost down the road for this? We will need to see once Venus goes RX along with Jupiter and Saturn in early May.

At 9:12pm Mercury at 7:59 Aries Quintiles Jupiter at 25:59 Capricorn.

Now that Mercury is separating from his Conjunction to Chiron, we can breathe (Aries) a little easier. Here there is effortless energy to initiate new actions towards our career and social status. Could we be going back to work soon? Tonight could be that announcement that parts of the US will begin to move again. Though with consideration for our own and others’ safety.

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