Saturn Quincunx the North Node – Apr 17

Friday, Apr 17, EST

At 2:11am Venus at 11:05 Gemini Ses-Squares Jupiter at 26:05 Capricorn.

Some adjustment, but then an ease between our 2 Healing Planets is a great thing right now. We are acquiring resources (Venus) in our small towns (Gemini) through the Stimulus Checks (Jupiter still Conjunct Pluto) of the government (Capricorn). But we value (Venus) the global good (Jupiter) at the same time. We are all in the same boat right now so we can go from thinking about what we each need, but it takes us to looking for the best good for all.

At 2:01pm Saturn at 1:31 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 1:31 Cancer.

This aspect has been applying for a few weeks now, but today we should get the message of it very clearly. Saturn has been restricting our socializing and some (or many) of our freedoms for the benefit of everyone. The North Node is nearing the end of the chapter of the Transit through Cancer and the message is ringing loud and clear: home is where everyone needs to be right now, nurturing and rebuilding family. The South Node in Capricorn is helping us to let go of some career and social status aspirations for the benefit of the family. And with this aspect with Saturn, family is where we can also keep our social network safe. The adjustment that is called for here, is climaxing and we can see the benefit that ‘social distancing’ has brought us. And for the most part, we have not struggled with the authorities call to ‘social distance’ and that is because we understand how to do this via our family roots and the need to take care of others.

On May 5 the Nodes of Fate Ingress Gemini and the Soulful lessons will be around all things local: cars, local transportation, siblings, neighbors, cousins, classmates, early childhood learning, communication, thoughts, plans and ideas.

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