Verbal Mass Ejections & Moon Conjunct Psyche – Apr 21/22

Tuesday, Apr 21, EST, PM

At 10:09pm Mercury at 18:49 Aries Quintiles the North Node at 0:48 Cancer.

Some effortless energy to initiate communication with family members or to express your nurturing side and act on it. Mercury in Aries can be a bit of a ‘verbal ejection’ rather than the coronal mass ejection.

NOTE: But don’t think Trump’s ejections are misguided. The Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction was Biquintile my Ascendant at 18:06 Gemini and Biquintile Trump’s Ascendant at 29:58 Leo. I knew to trust authority at this time, but still was surprised to see this. He is in the right place at the right time. Magically so.

Wednesday, Apr 22

At 12:30am the Moon at 22:29 Aries Conjuncts Psyche at 22:29 Aries.

With Psyche in Aries we self-centered, or centered in self which is a great thing for knowing how to act in our own best interests. The Moon provides some intuition around some of the messages of our Soul-mind. They both are nearing a Square to the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction so there could be some powerful understanding of how the transforming public structures is affecting us. Mercury is now applying to Conjunct Psyche and we may have a sense of what is coming at that time.

At 7:17am Mars at 15:44 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 0:44 Cancer.

Now our motivations to socialize or be free is going to need to adjust itself to the call to stay home and stay safe. Family first over interacting with groups. Find other ways to socialize and you will be seeing the ease that this aspect promises.

At 1:11pm Mercury at 19:59 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 19:59 Pisces.

Again we may be actively communicating and it feels right to do so.

By Tuesday evening Pluto will exact a Quintile to Chiron and we will have the New Moon at 3:24 Taurus exact at 10:26pm.

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