New Moon in Taurus Conjunct Uranus – Apr 22

At 10:26pm on Wednesday the Moon at 3:24 Taurus Conjuncts the Sun at 3:24 Taurus creating the annual New Moon in Taurus.

This is the annual time in the Northern Hemisphere to plant some seeds that will be harvested in the Fall (at the New Moon in Virgo which rules the ‘bread basket’).

The Sun and Moon are exactly 3 degrees from Uranus so still in a nice, tight orb to him. Which will make this New Moon electrifying and inspirational. Last night my sister asked me what her grandkids could start ‘manufacturing’ now that things won’t be coming from China. Of course, I laughed and said, ‘Fireworks’ because she puts on a huge display every 4th of July. But then I told her a Bottling Plant because we have been shipping all of our recyclables to China for years!! And finally I mentioned we need to start growing larger quantities of food and plants we can use in a wide variety of ways. Food (Taurus) will need to become a LOCAL issue again (especially with the North Node ready to Ingress Gemini on May 5th. We will begin to let go of ‘global’ things for ‘local’ things over the next 18 months or so.

So look for inspiration (Uranus) around ways to acquire the things you need LOCALLY. That is the promise of this New Moon. Plant your gardens. Learn to grow things. Be sustainable. And live in a natural luxury of knowing you can meet your own needs and those of your local community. Seriously, isn’t it time? The Planets create cycles that can appear to get out of hand only to bring about the solution just in time.

So get Earthy for this New Moon. Watch for unexpected and bizarre new ways to acquire what you need. Think of groups of people around (Uranus rules groups). Be philanthropic because you are only as abundant and secure as you get along with your neighbors. Uranus ASSURES there will be enough to go around. Simply watch for this revelations of how to do so. He will never disappoint.

Taurus rules earned income. It IS time to get back to work and earning a living. Taurus rules personal resources, finances and wealth. Plant those seeds, be creative and see how you can feed a multitude with just 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Uranus is a Higher Mind that can be VERY magical. Don’t discount his revelations… they are god-like, out-of-the-box and ingenious. His ideas will come to your like bolts of lightning lighting up the path before you.

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