Playing with Pluto in the 3D from a 5D perspective

OMG! Over the last week I have been having fun looking at all of the Pluto entity activities out there right now. And posting some stuff on Facebook and challenging some fixed ideas in others. What a blast it can be!

But seriously, I have many of you who follow this site communicating with me about your fears and concerns. I have been thinking about this post for a few weeks but needed the Planets to give me the time to do so.

So I’ve been wanting to discuss how Pluto works as it is a difficult thing to get your head around sometimes. Pluto is mostly called the ‘asshole’, but also the shadow-side and repressed side of ourselves, grim reaper, satanist, etc. I would add that he is the ANTAGONIST to our PROTAGONIST hero/ourselves.

So one friend mentioned how ‘evil’ Bill Gates is. I said, “Yes, he is the perfect Pluto right now.” But how does he really Transform us? If you recall 8th Grade English class where you learned about the Parts of a Story and or how to Graph Story Plots.

Is it just ME or does this chart resemble the COVID-19 charts? lol

Life is about challenges and in most of our challenging situations there is some ‘a-hole’ playing the ‘foil’ or PROTAGONIST to us obtaining what we want or desire. But in the end that ‘a-hole’ serves a good purpose to get us to claim our own sovereignty through the struggle against them.

We NEED Pluto entities in the struggle to have transformative human experiences. We don’t just want things handed to us on a silver platter. No, our Soul’s want the struggle. We want to get down into really seeing what motivates us and our PROTAGONIST as a way to better understand ourselves AND as a way to move out of DUALITY.

Jupiter reconciles DUALITY/Polarity by just granting us a big picture view of how good and evil work together to get us to look at things from a new perspective.

Uranus just shakes us out of our rut of things without any real effort on our part.

Saturn makes us look at the Karma we have created over lifetimes by buying into the DUALITY of Mercury/Gemini and 3D to create ‘good and evil’ that accrues to create major blocks we must overcome within ourselves.

But Pluto, well, he is the in-your-face kind of guy that challenges you NOW for no good reason whatsoever. You didn’t really do anything to deserve his abuse and yet, here he is, right there trying to block your path.

Pluto in Capricorn is someone in authority, a father-like figure or public authority type that could be tied to banks, corporations or politicians. Capricorn rules these types of people. Since 2008 Pluto has been showing us the ‘shadow-side’ of our people of power. But he has also been challenging each of us in the way that we use our power. His purpose, as he Transits through Capricorn, is to get each of us to reclaim our own sovereignty over ourselves and the structures of our lives rather than to surrender to corrupt authority types who are misusing their authority.

Now depending on which House you have Capricorn in your Natal Chart, you could have various people playing ‘Pluto’ in your life and in your challenge to throw off corrupt and ‘evil, dark-side’ figures. As a Sun Sign Scorpio, Capricorn is my natural 3rd House of siblings, cousins, local community, neighbors, etc. My youngest sister has played a tough role here a few times. My cousins are so divided here on FB through, of course, Capricorn’s politics. My cars have died in various ways as Pluto aspected my Natal Planets from Capricorn. For the last almost 3 years, my ability to travel long distance has been destroyed (Pluto-style) and restricted (Saturn-style) as both Saturn and Pluto Opposed my Natal Mars in Cancer (my natural 9th House of the hip. I am awaiting hip-replacement surgery now as it was postponed by this ‘pandemic’.

So see WHO are all the Pluto characters in your life’s story right now. Look to the players by the Houses involved. In Capricorn, the ‘a-holes’ are politicians, banksters, corporations and corporate hacks, enforcers of all kinds and father-like figures.

Now the purpose of these Pluto entities is to spur you to reclaim your personal authority and sovereignty. It is rarely wise to challenge your Pluto entities directly (especially on just the 1st pass of a Pluto Transit), but to be aware of the shadow-side of what you are motivated and passionate about. They will play your ‘Opposite’ side of the coin to challenge you and actually strengthen your resolve.

With Pluto in my 3rd House of communication since 2008, I have been aware of how strongly my own words come across to others. In 2008 I started due diligence on government, banks and corporations (total Pluto/Scorpio energy) to see what their real motivations were for the 2008 Market Collapse and other things;0 I began writing/blogging (3rd House) about the corruption that brought down the Stock Market. It was very revealing. People used to say to me, “Are you afraid to talk about these things?” And my response was, “No one is going to GIVE you freedom. You are only as FREE as you live.”

And there is another way to say this: ‘To be free, you have to LIVE free.’ That is the great challenge that Pluto is offering to each of us now. And as he reaches the Natal Pluto of the US, we will be experiencing the same challenge that our forefathers faced then. History repeats itself, which is the same as saying that Planets orbit to the same position again. And while Pluto will be at the same place in 2022, the other Planets will not so there are no 2 times in History that fully repeats.

In 2011, as Pluto was Conjuncting my Natal Moon at 10:26 Capricorn, I asked another Astrologer for a Reading (the only time I ever did). I asked her if I should file a lawsuit against someone doing something to steal land, etc. She advised me not to saying I would have death-threats if I did. Of course I felt that was the case and I didn’t. But that didn’t stop the death-threats!! Pluto NEVER fails!! You can not avoid him.

By that time I had stopped watching all media being so disgusted with my fellow citizens and their ignorance of what was really going on.

In 2012, I was relieved to hear people voicing things I had ‘risked my life’ to speak. That was Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn. People began to have awareness into their crown chakra about the governmental/corporate/banking corruption. Yay, I thought. But I still didn’t watch TV knowing the media was all bogus BS.

But the lockdown and all of your communications to me got me to re-engage the 3D storylines to see which way things were going. The only new thing about this stories is 5G. That wasn’t out there in 2008. Gates, depopulation, RFID chips and vaccines was certainly out there. Online, the few of us that knew got the healthcare workers in NY to strike against a mandatory vaccine law that 33 states were trying to pass.

Most people had no clue. But fast-forward to today with all of the Pluto cycles starting since Christmas and we have a RAPID escalation of the story-line and consequences.

But BACK to the story graph. PLAY Pluto to those who haven’t woke up yet. Don’t back down. Don’t fight them. Encourage them to see more. That’s all. Take the light approach as it is more believable. You may have noticed Trump softening his briefings and his communication with the crowd and the audience. It is a more effective way to help them see.

Yes, the Planets are USING you as Pluto for someone in your life. Play the role to the hilt, but do so effectively. Remember real authority is father-like not totalitarian-like or too combative. It IS the time that we need more and more to join in the push-back. But the Planets will be ensuring that so follow the energy.

It won’t always be easy. But like the PROTAGONIST knows, you CAN NOT back down. You need to stand your ground. That is the only way to prevent Pluto from abusing you.

Now on Saturday, Pluto Stations Retrograde at 25:00 Capricorn at 2:54pm. Once he is Retrograde, his power is weaker and it is the time to really wake up others. These ‘others’ in your life are here to test you to stand up to the bigger push from our public authorities.

But there is another key element involved with Pluto in tight orb right now: Jupiter. About a month ago I was writing that we need to TRUST our authority at this time. Specifically in the US, our President. When I first listened to one of his briefings (keep in mind that I am apolitical) I could see he was playing Jupiter. And the scientists were playing Pluto. Trump kept the briefings optimistic and was being benevolent though he had been through so much legal hassling with his impeachment. He had already overcome his big Pluto push-back that was his impeachment. He has curtailed fear speech and too much talk of death, etc. and we came through well below the scientists’ numbers (all backed by the biggest Pluto: Bill Gates).

So I was impressed and knew that he would carry us through this. Not because he’s Trump, but because he is JUPITER right now!! Then I went on to look at his chart and wasn’t really surprised to see that the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction at 22+ Capricorn; Mars/Jupiter Conjunction at 22+ Pluto; Mars/Pluto Conjunction at 24+ Capricorn and Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction at 24+ Capricorn were ALL in orb of his 29:58 Leo Ascendant!! He IS the man for this time. He IS the PROTAGONIST of the storyline right now. And all of these Conjunctions were/are in orb of my 18:06 Gemini Ascendant.

Don’t pay attention to the person. Follow the Planetary energies. Jupiter is optimistic, hopeful and rules the stock market via optimistic speculation (Trump is pretty good in this department). Our economy relies on optimism!! Pluto is those people trying to force us to claim our own sovereignty through a huge misuse of authority and shared resources. They have been robbing us of money and using it illegally (Jupiter is legal).

So now we know the Protagonist and Antagonist. Use each situation or person you encounter as an opportunity to calmly assert your own sovereignty while freeing their minds at the same time.

You GOT this! And watch because its going to be REVOLUTIONARY… hopefully mostly in their mental minds. Did I mention Pluto rules REVOLUTIONS? Peaceful and otherwise.

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