Mercury Conjuncts Psyche & Square Pluto as he Stations Retrograde – Apr 24/25

As I write this (9:50am, EST), Mercury is exacting to Psyche at 23:34 Aries.

This will be some Soulful expression around our motivations and actions we want to take. Both Planetary bodies are in orb of a Square to Pluto so our actions will likely be in response to some misuse of authority or shared resources. You will be making plans for yourself in light of these things.

At 2:54pm The Sun at 5:03 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 20:03 Pisces.

Neptune is in new territory now and will Retrograde at 20:58 Pisces on Jun 23. So the Sun is shedding some light on what he is doing that is new. Look to the House where you have 20 Pisces to see what Neptune is dissolving in his shroud of fog. The Semi-Square means it may irritate you a bit when you see through his efforts today. Technically Uranus is still in orb of a Semi-Square too and the Sun is applying to Uranus now so the clarity could be very revealing and shocking.

Friday, Apr 25

At 3:36am Mercury at 24:59 Aries Squares Pluto at 24:59 Capricorn.

Pluto has been slowing down for a few weeks now and is position of his Retrograde Station later today. What gets said is powerful and transformative. We can expect some confrontation with a Pluto entity. Or we are using aggressive words or they are. Suspicion is likely and yet it will be us expressing how we will choose our OWN thoughts over someone trying to manipulate our minds.

At 2:54pm Pluto at 24:59 Capricorn Stations Retrograde.

It will take a few weeks for his power to wane a bit, but while Retrograde those Pluto entities who are misusing their authority will be in a weaker state allowing us to get ahead of their game of manipulation and ‘a-hole’ behavior. Remember, we are likely playing Pluto to someone else too. Right, Scorpios? We have had Pluto in our 3rd House since 2008 and we may have realized a few years ago how strong and intense our words feel to others.

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