Mercury Meets Saturn, Mars & Venus – Apr 28/29

Tuesday, Apr 28, EST

At 1:28pm Mercury at 1::50 Taurus Square Saturn at 1:50 Aquarius.

Perhaps some tense words or feelings of scarcity. Or it wasn’t the best time to socialize as you are planning ways to acquire resources or worry about earning a living.

At 4:48pm Mars at 20:10 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 20:10 Pisces.

Some easier ability to socialize and initiate getting groups together.

At 5:35pm Mercury at 2:11 Taurus Quintiles Mars at 20:11 Taurus.

Beautiful, effortless words and socializing with groups or on social media. It was a great night to spend time with a group of women or acquaintances.

Wednesday, Apr 29

At 8:33am Mercury at 3:28 Taurus Semi-Squares Venus at 18:28 Gemini.

Now there can be some irritating words or our desires don’t manifest as we expected.

Mercury begins applying to a Semi-Square to Neptune on Thursday morning and Venus will Square Neptune on Sunday. So some of this irritation will carry over into the weekend. Our conscious world isn’t quite all that we had hoped for, but we should be used to some of that by now;)

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