Get Out & Socialize with Inspired Actions – May 5

At 4:11pm Mars at 24:58 Aquarius Semi-Sextile Pluto Rx at 24:58 Capricorn.

This is a minor aspect, but the first one since their Conjunction on Mar 23 at 24:43 Capricorn. So this aspect is also Semi-Sextile the beginning of their new cycle together. And this is a clue to what their cycle holds. The Semi-Sextile is mildly productive, but we can still learn from it. We are now motivated to defy any government abuse of power and go and circulate and socialize. We want to meet in groups and we will do so today. Keep in mind that Mars also started new cycles with Jupiter and Saturn the last week of March as well. He will be Semi-Sextile Jupiter on May 8 and Semi-Sextile Saturn on May 15. By paying attention to our actions within groups, social media and freedom-loving ideas, we will SEE what the combined energy of these Conjunctions in Capricorn were all about. The story-line is building and the Squares will occur in early August when things will be intense confrontation between ourselves and those in some sort of power.

At 10:34pm Mars at 25:09 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 7:09 Taurus.

This aspect is the bigger one for today. Uranus rules Mars in Aquarius and so there is plenty of revelation and inspiration around our actions towards freedom, socializing and organizing of groups and new ways to acquire resources or changing of the things we value. There is effortless revelation and flashes of awareness that will hit our Crown Chakra and we will ACT on it in surprising, even shocking, new ways.

Wednesday, May 6

AT 3:05am the Moon Ingresses Scorpio and begins applying to Oppose the Sun for Annual Full Moon in Scorpio.

There are no aspects that occur between the Transiting Planets on Wednesday, but at 6:45am on Thursday we will have the Full Moon. This Full Moon in Scorpio will be about seeing everyone’s motivations, getting to the bottom of the truth, being transparent and merging our resources with anothers. Our values are on the line as we consider how we have accomplished our plans and goals made at the New Moon at 3:24 Taurus on Apr 22. As the Moon begins to apply, our emotions will be in contrast to our goals allowing us to see how we are doing and what still needs to be done around earned income beginnings at the New Moon.

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