Saturn Stations Retrograde & Mercury Into Gemini – May 11

At 12:09am (EST) Saturn at 1:57 Aquarius Stations Retrograde.

The first Retrograde since Apr 25 when Pluto Stationed Retrograde. But the 1st over the next week when Venus (May 13) and Jupiter (May 14) will also Station Retrograde. Saturn Rx will help us to review how sound our plan was to ‘Social Distance’. Once Retrograde, we are less inclined to be so response-able to that idea. We will loosen some of the grip this energy has had on us since Saturn Ingressed Aquarius on Mar 21. While Rx, Saturn will return to Capricorn on Jul 1 until Dec 17. On Dec 21, we will have the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0:29 Aquarius. But for now, we can expect that we will let go of this ‘Social Distancing’ real soon and return to more normal activities. Though until Jul 1 there is likely to still be some hesitancy. Those born with Saturn Rx have trouble keeping good boundaries with others. So we can expect that after Monday. For once, this just might be a good thing!

At 3:33am Mercury at 28:44 Taurus Squares Mars at 28:44 Aquarius.

But like all other good things someone may just call you out for being overly social and not minding the group-think of social distancing or simply challenging someone who is stubbornly sticking to what they know.

At 2:10pm Mercury at 29:40 Taurus Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 29:40 Gemini.

Here we may be able to express what is ahead with the North Node’s Transit of Gemini. Mercury rules the North Node and will be Ingressing his Sign in a few hours time. Look for words around keeping things local as ways to acquire resources and to value local sustainability.

At 5:58pm Mercury Ingresses Gemini.

In his own Sign, Mercury will be in his truest form and very double-minded and childlike in his communication. He will meet Venus Retrograde on May 22 at 20:12 Gemini and will be able to express for us some of how your values and desires are being revised. Mercury is moving quickly as he will Station Retrograde in Cancer.

At 9:57pm the Sun at 21:49 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Venus at 21:49 Gemini.

Venus rules the Sun in Taurus so we are getting clear about our values and goals to earn a living and acquire the assets and resources that we need. With clarity, we can see what seeds we’ve planted and if they are bearing fruit. We may also see how sunlight heals and how we need to begin working again.

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