Trines, Magic, Mars into Pisces & Venus Retrogrades – May 12/13

Tuesday, May 12, EST

At 1:22pm Mars at 29:42 Aquarius Trines the North Node at 29:42 Gemini.

Our motivations to socialize will be readily received by some of our neighbors. Lead the move to get outdoors and get back to taking care of business. Saturn is now Retrograde so we are feeling less Karmic restriction from authority and less willing to comply for the moment. So get some freedom and hit the road to travel through your community and wake people up!

At 4:14pm Mercury at 1:52 Gemini Trines Saturn Rx at 1:57 Aquarius.

Now Mercury is even going to hear some helpful things from authorities who will be loosening their restrictions allowing us to move and groove through our neighborhoods and to socialize freely.

At 10:36pm Mercury at 2:31 Gemini Quintile Neptune at 20:31 Pisces.

This magical aspect will only add to the earlier ease around lifting restrictions as we effortlessly express how to see life return to our neighborhoods and community events begin to get planned again.

Wednesday, May 13

At 12:17am Mars Ingresses Pisces.

Mars in Pisces is like running hurdles at the bottom of the pool. It is tougher going but if you learn to expect some resistance from within, you can find the strength to achieve new heights and depths. Men you haven’t seen for a while could pop up too. If you sense some fear around your motivations, try to push through it and keep moving. If you’re going through hell, keep on moving! Mars will be here for 6 weeks allowing you to arrive at a new way of staying in shape once he hits Aries.

At 12:45am Venus at 21:50 Gemini Stations Retrograde.

The 40 days and 40 nights of temptations that test our values, desires and attractions begins. You will begin to review what it is that you REALLY want. What WHO you want, want you? Do you want the same things? Are your feelings mutual? Or will you find yourself texting that old flame to see if there is still a chance to make things work with them? Its can be a difficult time as we all look in the rear view mirror of our desires in the Sign that rules duality, Gemini. You may find yourself dealing with a 3rd party in the equation of your relationships. But remember only relating-ships can really be experienced without creating Karma. But Karma BEGINS in Gemini so it is a crazy lesson in LOVE without jealousy or suspicion of your lover cheating. Rise above and watch the 3D energy play out, but don’t take the bait. We will be reviewing the ways we earn a living and the energy will have us staying closer to home and building more sustainable communities so move with that in mind.

At 3:30am the Sun at 23:00 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 8:00 Aries.

A minor aspect of clarity around resources and a fear of asserting yourself. Or your desires seem hard to achieve because you are insecure. See what you can and move into gratitude. This will make things all better!

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