Mental Adjustments & Ease – May 16/17

At 1:54pm Mercury at 9:53 Gemini Ses-Square Pluto Rx at 24:53 Capricorn.

A Ses-Square requires an adjustment to create an ease. Mercury in Gemini is in his own Sign and most natural state: a chatty Cathy. Pluto Rx puts the Plutocracy at a weaker state right now. Mercury wants to understand what these Pluto-types have been up to and so today he may need to adjust the way he speaks in order to get clear speech from a politician, a financier, a father-like authority or a boss. Mercury wants to write, blog and speak and share what he learns today. His adjusted approach allows him to get some valuable information.

Sunday, May 17

At 12:40pm the Sun at 27:13 Taurus Trine Jupiter Rx at 27:13 Capricorn.

Jupiter is our other major mental mind, a Higher-Mind, philosophical and spiritual mind. Meeting with the Sun in a Trine offers easy big picture clarity around our resources, our values, desires and how this can work easily with our leadership philosophy. This is very nice mental energy that helps to ground us in optimism for any challenges ahead.

At 6:50pm Mercury at 12:13 Gemini Ses-Square Jupiter Rx at 27:13 Capricorn.

Now our lower mind and Higher, mental mind are meeting. An adjustment is required to create the ease. Jupiter will ensure that Mercury is seeing the big picture before arriving at some conclusion around what is going on in our circles of authority (Pluto in Capricorn). Jupiter wants him to see how to work through his lower nature to create Karma and duality and rather to reconcile the 2 energies to create something optimistic, hopeful and of a spiritual bent. Its NOT important to see WHAT IS (Mercury) but rather to see what SHOULD BE (Jupiter) and to begin applying our spiritual philosophy to our situations so we can elevate them above the double-mindedness of good and evil into a philosophical/ spiritual truth. We have to OWN our own ideas of authority and how it has gotten so corrupted and decide on a new path to clean it up by working within ourselves too.

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