Mercury Conjunct Venus & the New Moon in Gemini – May 22/23

Friday, May 22, EST

At 4:41am Mercury at 20:12 Gemini Conjuncts Venus Rx at 20:12 Gemini.

Our words will express our desires and we will be all involved with local activities. Today is the day we are opening our small businesses in North MI. Venus rules our smile and lips so the question is: Will you wear a mask which hides your beauty? Last night Venus made a Quintile to Chiron so there is some effortless assistance still as we go about getting back to normal today.

At 7:24am Mercury at 20:23 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 8:23 Aries.

Here our words will help us to assertive ourselves as the Quintile makes things effortless. You need to move and groove in your neighborhood in order to realize your plans.

At 8:02am the Sun at 1:51 Gemini Trines Saturn Rx at 1:51 Aquarius.

You will feel so good as you move and groove in your neighborhood and maybe throw off all the tyrannical BS today as you find yourself smiling as you greet acquaintances.

At 11:43am Mercury at 20:42 Gemini Squares Neptune at 20:42 Pisces.

The ease of the morning isn’t going to continue by evening. There is some challenge around your plans and communication. Confusion can be common with this Square and someone is likely to misunderstand what you said. Do your best or put it aside to correct it as you move along. But make a note that something might not we ‘true’ in all communications.

At 1:39pm the Moon at 2:05 Gemini Conjuncts the Sun at 2:05 Gemini creating the Annual New Moon in Gemini.

The next month is all about the NEWS, headlines and communications. We are going to be SEEING our ideas in living color and this will allow us to start a new month focused on all things Gemini: siblings, neighbors, cousins, community, K-12 education, graduations, cars, travel in the local community, plans and ideas.

At 5:59pm Mercury at 21:05 Gemini Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 27:05 Capricorn.

Expressing our leadership philosophy will be effortless today. We may recognize an authority figure that we trust in our local community. Listen for wisdom and understanding of big ideas and see how things are moving in just the right direction right now.

Saturday, May 23

At 5:17am the Sun at 2:42 Gemini Quintiles Neptune at 20:42 Pisces.

Effortless subconscious clarity that will allow us to find our purpose in your local community and how to make plans to accomplish more right in our own backyard.

At 11:32pm Mercury at 23:09 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 8:09 Taurus.

Revelatory ideas can just pop into our heads, but they may not be as well received with the Semi-Square. Don’t worry. It was meant to be expressed and it will heal things quickly so don’t bother trying to correct things.

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