Mercury, Venus & Mars meet Pluto, Uranus, Chiron and Saturn, WOW! – May 25

Monday, May 25, EST, is a very high energy day. Mercury and Venus both aspect Pluto (on the exact degree and minute) and Mars aspects both Uranus and Chiron. And then Mercury makes double-magic with Saturn Rx.

At 12:26am Mercury at 24:47 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 24:27 Capricorn.

We have to adjust our suspicious words in order to create an ease with an authority-type. Or maybe we drive into a situation where there is some authority that we need to maneuver around to experience the ease. Either way, Mercury made a Biquintile to Pluto on Thursday that was effortless but we need to adjust ourselves today. Mind your words and plans until you know what adjustment is necessary. Headlines may be the way you see this energy played out. It may create an adjustment in your mental thought and ideas regarding some political, banking or corporate situation.

At 2:48am Mars at 8:13 Pisces Sextiles Uranus at 8:13 Taurus.

Unexpected desires that we want to act on? These desires may appear in our dreams or fantasy world. But it will show us a bit of how our actions can productively align with some changed desires. Our awareness will come through in our actions and dreams and imagination. Psyche is Transiting just behind Uranus right now and essentially Conjunct so this aspect involves to 2 Higher-Mind energies AND our Soul Mind (Psyche). But it will be shown through our actions whether in dreams of in a big bath of bubbles!

At 1:35pm Venus Rx at 18:47 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 24:47 Capricorn.

Effortless energy to use words to express our desires and/or financial needs. We may see what we value now with Venus Rx. She made her first Biquintile to Pluto on Apr 30 so see what revisions are being made now. Is it to your wants and needs? Or you overall bottom line? Regardless, the energy to merge is effortless. Merge yourself or your resources.

At 1:35pm Mars at 8:31 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 8:31 Aries.

Our ability to initiate today may come from someplace deep within us. For the day you will find it easier to assert yourself and that is a nice thing.

At 3:55pm Mercury at 25:47 Gemini Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 1:47 Aquarius.

Here our words and plans can be effortlessly expressed and will be well-received by authority-types or groups of people. We can socialize and be chatty and everything will be well-received. We are apt to ignore any restrictions for the moment and that will be fine too.

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