Mercury Into Cancer & 1/4 Moon – May 29

At 12:36am EST Mercury at 29:13 Gemini Conjunct the North Node at 29:13 Gemini.

This aspect has already occurred, but likely you found you were expressing some Soulful things having to do with community and your neighborhood or siblings, cousins and classmates. The North Node would make it some kind of strong connection with you and others. Though you may have been talking about news headlines, it has a very different feel.

At 2:09pm Mercury Ingresses Cancer.

Now our communication style goes from chatty to close-hold. We become security-conscious and tend to keep things more to ourselves. In other words, we clam up! But might eventually express ourselves dramatically. Our words are more nurturing and express more emotion. Mercury will Retrograde in Cancer at 14:46 Cancer on Jun 18. He will Station Direct on Jul 12 at 5:30 Cancer. We will be reviewing things around mom, home, family, land emotional roots, but with the Solar Eclipse at the 0:21 Cancer, it will be a big month around this same energy. This is the window where we are planning Family Reunions and making travel plans to get there. But the Retrograde Cycle could up-end some of those plans so be flexible.

Friday, May 29

At 4:13am the Sun at 8:26 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 8:26 Taurus.

Here our communications and ideas around community and ways to acquire resources is revelatory and clarifying at the same time. What surprising ways may we see to help us with our earned income? Or might someone offer us some resources unexpectedly? Or will see suddenly SEE some that you hadn’t noticed before? Our values are changing too and we may clarity into the ways they have.

At 9:57am the Sun at 8:39 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 8:39 Aries.

We can actually have some gratitude for the ways Chiron has been making us less assertive, less motivated or more insecure. We can mentally see how this has been occurring and see the Soulful experience it is bringing us through.

At 12:43pm Venus at 16:41 Gemini Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 1:41 Aquarius.

An adjustment of our words and values will create an ease within our more restricted socializing. Or we are earning a living in our community and Saturn offers us some ability to focus on how this helps everyone.

At 8:25pm Mercury at 1:40 Cancer Quincunx Saturn Rx at 1:40 Aquarius.

Our first aspect with Mercury in Cancer will be ‘telling’ literally. We are likely to notice how our communication style has changed and now we need to adjust our words within the social network or groups of people. How has family been impacted by all the changes to the structures of groups of people?

At 11:30pm the Moon at 9:12 Virgo Squares the Sun at 9:12 Gemini creating the Waxing 1/4 Moon.

In another week, the Moon will Oppose the Sun at 15:34 Sagittarius/ Gemini for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This 1/4 is the halfway point from the New Moon on May 22. Tonight we can see how we feel about work, health, fitness, service and volunteering around our local community and neighborhood. The Lunar Eclipse will be about a contrast of global and spiritual feelings and the reality in our community.

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