Ses-Square & Semi-Square – May 30

As of today, Saturday, we are 6 days from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15:34 Sagittarius. You may be feeling some of the ‘Rapid Change’ of the Solar Eclipse building as well, but the Lunar Eclipse will be ‘shutting down’ something in your life to make room for the Super-charged ‘Fresh Start’ of the Solar Eclipse. The shutdown will involve something around travel (near or far), learning (K-12 or spiritual understanding/philosophy), or siblings or grandparents/seniors/mentors. It is also an ’emotional reset’ that you need to step into the ‘Fresh Start’ of the Solar Eclipse. You can make the change while leaving old emotional attachments behind.

So watch for the feelings of the various energies to see how it is playing out in your life. Or schedule a Reading for a quick view of things. Readings can be done by Donation ONLY. Uranus rules Astrology, awareness, philosophy and charity. If you can’t manage anything, that’s ok too!

At 12:29pm EST the Sun at 9:43 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 24:43 Capricorn.

Sun is Gemini is helping us to be clear about goals for our local community, transportation, neighborhood activities. Our communications here are clear, but now need to be adjusted to a Plutocrate who thinks they hold some power over you. Adjust what you are seeing and an ease is created. You will know how to proceed when you adjust your scope.

At 12:44pm Mars at 11:50 Pisces Semi-Squares Jupiter Rx at 26:50 Capricorn.

Some minor irritation here between our hidden motivations, fantasies and deep strength and our big perspective on ways to better public structures. This is an interpersonal aspect likely with you and another but you may see that your old motivations are dissolving right now and this could irritate you or someone who was counting on your support. Don’t worry all is just as it should be. We have another month of Mars in Pisces and when he reaches Aries, we will take strong new actions. Jupiter would like to shape some of our motivations right now, but may not be able to reach us in the depth of Pisces to be effective. We can be motivated to avoid right now. And Capricorn wants accountability and Jupiter is optimistic. But still Mars in Pisces maybe just wants to sleep through all of it right now.

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