3-Way with Sun, Mars & Saturn – Jun 6

At 10:50am (EST) Mars at 16:24 Pisces Semi-Squares Saturn Rx at 1:24 Aquarius.

Our stop and go energies are in an irritating aspect. Thought it will be an internal struggle with Mars in Pisces. We are less likely to want to socialize right now anyway, but something may have us viewing our social network as not motivating us.

At 12:09pm the Sun at 16:24 Gemini Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 1:24 Aquarius.

Now we can see how to adjustment our communication to create an ease with someone or a group of someones. Are we being effective in the way we are communicating right now? Are we meeting our goals and plans for our community by using our social network responsibly?

At 3:11pm the Sun at 16:32 Gemini Squares Mars at 16:32 Pisces.

Now we can see what subconscious current was holding us back from initiating some action. Are we doing what we should to meet the goals of our community? How can we use communication more effectively? Is it okay to express some anger at what is going on? Or should we check ourselves in order to communicate sound plans and goals without anger or frustration?

Sunday, Jun 7

At 3:50am Venus Rx at 11:22 Gemini Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 26:22 Capricorn.

We are still in the 40 days and 40 nights of determine what we value. This is a big time to get straight on how to view the media and communications. Jupiter is showing us which leadership styles to choose and follow. Today, likely our values will adjust to align with good leadership and spiritual philosophy and we will feel more internal conscious ease.

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