Sun & Venus Get Soulful – Jun 11

At 5:37am the Sun at 20:55 Gemini Squares Neptune at 20:55 Pisces.

On the same degree, yesterday the Sun Biquintiled Jupiter and now Squares Neptune. Whatever communication or expression that seems so ‘spot on’ yesterday may now seem confusing and less clear. Our mental clarity is being challenged by Neptune’s fog. Though the Sun can shine some light on it, there may still be some nagging hesitation around it.

At 5:50am Venus Rx at 9:04 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 9:04 Taurus.

Now Venus enters a Soul Awareness type of aspects to both Uranus and Chiron at nearly the same time. Venus rules Uranus right now as he Transits the Sign she rules. So there is lots of insight into our new values and status of our resources within our neighborhood. Or new and bizarre ideas of beauty and ways to beautify the neighborhood. Or ways to acquire new resources.

At 6:49am Venus Rx at 9:03 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 9:03 Aries.

Now there is some healing around any insecurity we may feel in asserting ourselves in our neighborhood or in taking action to acquire resources. Men and women will be able to push through any difficulties in communicating or expressing their values.

At 8:41am the Sun at 21:03 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 9:03 Aries.

On exactly the same degree and minute as Venus above, the Sun offers effortless clarity through communication and being able to initiate expressions. When the Sun and Chiron meet, gratitude is always the best option. But this is miraculous gratitude that we can express or build a mental construct to show us how Chiron’s wounding pain is what makes us human. Try to see how to help others see how to manage insecurity and lack of motivation. Your words may clarify something for them that is very helpful.

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