Into the Summer Solstice & Solar Eclipse at 0:21 Cancer – Jun 19-21

This weekend is about clarity and Super-charged Fresh Start (Solar Eclipse) in areas of life ruled by Cancer: mom, home, family, land, hometown. We are in the Eclipse Wormhole where things happen rapidly. The Lunar Eclipse on Jul 5 shut down something in your life, or it reached its culmination, and now you are ready for the new arrival with the Solar Eclipse.

Friday, Jun 19, EST

At 7:37pm the Sun at 29:07 Cancer Conjuncts the North Node at 29:07 Cancer.

On the final, Anaretic (or critical) degree of Gemini, the Sun meets the North Node. The Nodes haven’t been across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis for very long (since May 5) so we are just started to sense the Soulful Lesson of their Transit here. There has been a lot of shift to move from a global world of shipping and commerce to a more locally-centered world. Gemini rules siblings/cousins, K-12 learning/classmates, local transportation, cars/vehicles, communication, mental constructs, duality/Karma and our conscious/seen world and the separation consciousness of the 3rd Dimension. The North Node is providing a Soulful perspective of this energy. We will begin to see how Gemini creates Karma and duality and learn ways to manage this Sign’s energies.

The Sun here is providing clarity around some of the lessons we will be working on for the next 17 months.

Saturday, Jun 20

At 3:56am Mars at 25:13 Pisces Sextiles Jupiter Rx at 25:13 Capricorn.

On Thursday night Mars Sextiled Pluto Rx just a few from Jupiter Rx right now. So there may be a strong overlap of energies with this aspect. The Sextile makes it productive and we are motivated in our world view of power and authority. We want to ‘act’ like the type of leader we now see as preferred to Pluto’s corruption. We can act on our philosophy in ways others might not see. Or we could find a mentor to ‘follow’.

At 5:44pm the Sun Ingresses Cancer creating the SUMMER SOLSTICE.

When the Sun Ingresses one of the Cardinal (initiating energy) Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, it initiates a new season. It is now officially Summer. This Ingression is the real reason that students ‘go home’ for the Summer. For the next 30 days, we will become clear around mom, home, family and land issues. The Chart of the Solstice is with us throughout the 90 Summer season. Other than the Ascendant of the Chart, all the other Planetary aspects in this Chart are the same as the Eclipse chart. For EST, the Ascendant is at 15 Scorpio. The Ascendant shows another aspect of what these 90 days can emphasize. Solstice Chart is shown as Featured Image.

Sunday, Jun 21

At 2:41am the Moon at 0:21 Cancer Conjuncts the Sun at 0:21 Cancer creating the New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Cancer.

We are already feeling, or even KNOW, what the Fresh Start of this Eclipse is all about. Many will be moving and finding new homes. Some will return home. Others will buy land to do something with. Or situations with mom and family will be front and center. It is the season of ‘family reunions’ and after lockdowns many are likely ready to see mom (or dad… the nurturing parent) if they have been isolated away from the virus. There is a 6-month windowed opened up by this Eclipse that will bring a change around mom, home, family, land. Look to the House where you have 0:21 Cancer to see WHO is involved in this Eclipse with you.

For example, on Wednesday I got a legal notice in the mail from my landlord (Cancer is my 9th House by Sun Sign) to ‘quit’ the apartment I live in because there is a repair needed and an upgrade. I have 30 days to do so. Now, I have been wanting to move right? Because I was stuck in this apartment for 4 years following Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter Opposing my Mars at 18- Cancer. But the time has been chosen now. Though I have no clue at the moment, where I will land, the Eclipse will begin to reveal the path. With the Sun now in Cancer, all things ‘home-related’ can become clear. Trust the process.

I will write more about just this Eclipse tomorrow. Stay tuned!

At 10:14am the Sun at 0:40 Cancer Quincunx Saturn Rx at 0:40 Aquarius.

This aspect is part of the Solstice Chart and Eclipse chart. So it will be with us for 3-6 months. But there is just a need to adjust our home plans to our restricted or accountable socializing. Saturn makes us focus on an area with response-ability to it. The Sun is going to adjust our purpose to family in light of our social network being a bit restricted.

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