Neptune Stations Retrograde Making that 6 Planets in Reverse Motion – Jun 23

At 12:32am (EST) on Tuesday, Neptune Stations Retrograde at 20:58 Pisces.

Neptune has been hovering on his exact Station for several days now. Mars was Conjunct Neptune on Jun 13 at 20:56 Pisces so that was our last aspect to help us gauge what message Neptune is sending at this time. Neptune is dissolving, and likely revealing, many things that have been hidden for some time as we prepare more for the Age of Aquarius. Neptune has been Transiting Opposite the Conjunction of Uranus to Pluto in 1966 at 16+ Virgo.

Neptune has now cleared 16- degrees and won’t return there again, but as he in now in the last Decan of his own Sign, it seems that many other long-term hidden matters are coming to light.

But Neptune Retrograde is a ‘sea change’ in energy. We have been moving along believing what is happening is all on the up-and-up, but Neptune Rx can drop the veil and we can see somethings that we didn’t before. Don’t let them confuse you, as Neptune loves to do to the uninitiated, but rather look to see more clearly into his intangible ways. Not that you can actually SEE anything. Its what you DON’T see that tells you about Neptune.

Neptune will Retrograde back to 18:10 Pisces and Station Direct on Nov 28. He made his first pass to 18:10 Pisces on May 7, 2019, but during this Retrograde cycle, he crossed into Phase 1, Shadow Phase on Mar 2, 2020. So he will be retracing things since that time from now until Nov 28. What has been his role in the current Global Pandemic, Lockdown and Draining the Swamp? Well, Neptune IS the swamp!! He is the dark, hidden, murky depths of all human experience. Now Pluto is the evil, but Neptune ‘stores’ all those evils until it is time for them to submerge or for the water to recede so that what was there is seen.

We are in very interesting times. And Neptune has his role to play. On the one hand, he is ‘spirit’ and the place where we are ALL connected. So even the ‘swamp’ is part of all there is. On the other hand, he is our fears and things we want to avoid or not face. Neptune can’t be dealt with in a straightforward fashion. You just have to follow his nudges and see what he shows you and release the fear.

Venus will Station Direct at 2:48am on Thursday, Jun 25 at 5:20 Gemini. Then there will only be 5 Planets Rx for a bit.

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