Mars Squares the Nodes of Fate Before Ingresses Aries – Jun 26

Friday, Jun 26, EST

At 8:41am the Sun at 5:22 Cancer Semi-Sextiles Venus at 5:22 Gemini.

Venus is now direct and this is her first aspect. Its a minor one tying our clarity around mom, home, family and land to our new revised values that we can express. How do are new values need to be applied to family goals? You can get some clarity on that today. Its also clarity around ways to earn a living that can involve communication, writing or expression of some sort.

At 9:52am Mars at 29:05 Pisces Squares the North Node at 29:05 Gemini.

This energy has been building for a couple of days and is awakening some of our new motivations that are still hidden for another day. Mars in Pisces is a hidden motivation to either avoid doing, motivation to sleep or a very strong motivation to overcome major resistance. The North Node was us to keep our communications and ideas more local. We need to work with those in our community rather than look at the global picture so much. What can we DO to support our local community now that we are disengaging from the global market? Which actions do you instinctively take today? That will show you some of the Lessons of the Nodes of Fate right now. Keep it simple, stupid might be appropo when emphasizing Gemini over Sagittarius.

At 9:45pm on Saturday, Mars Ingresses Aries and we will ACT on our new motivations. It will hit each of us at the SAME TIME and given all that has been going on, it will be time to leave the couch and engage in the swirling events around us.

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