2nd Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction & the Inferior Conjunction & Weekend Aspects – Jun 28-30

At the 1st Conjunction of Jupiter to Pluto on Apr 4, which followed Mars’ Conjunction to Jupiter and then Pluto (which spread the ‘virus’ fear), we had the ‘cure’ for the virus. Though as both Jupiter and Pluto were applying to Oppose the US’s Natal Mercury, the story of the cure didn’t was buried and ridiculed by the Mainstream Media (Pluto Opposite Natal Mercury). Now we have the 2nd Conjunction exactly Opposite Mercury (24+ degrees) and the results are shaping up to be phenomenal!

On Jan 12, Saturn Conjunct Pluto at 22:47 Capricorn and this collapsed (Pluto) everyone’s financial structured to be transformed. Saturn/Capricorn rule the most public structures of authority: governments, banks, corporations, etc. Pluto can bring bankruptcy. But with Jupiter joining in with Pluto in such a short time as both began new cycles to Jupiter, the Transformation is HUGE, benevolent and GLOBAL.

The Jul 5 Lunar Eclipse at 13:38 Capricorn/Sun at 13:38 Cancer has the Sun Conjunct the US’s Natal Sun at 13+ Cancer! This is a FRESH START on the US’s purpose and goals and they way we are seen by others. It is tied to the changes coming in Capricorn.

On Jun 30, Jupiter and Pluto exact their 2nd Conjunction but the news (Opposite Mercury) is already coming to the surface): the OLD US government (like most other countries of the world) has been bankrupted to destroy the private banking system. There is a transition period from the Jul 5 Eclipse til the US Election that is exactly 120 days (a perfect TRINE to the US Natal Sun) that will allow us to have an election to establish a new government of the 2nd Republic based on a new gold standard free from the corrupt (Plutocracy) private banking system. The Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury occurs on Jun 30 as well and what gets spoken at that time is very clarifying and based in real-time.

We are at the starting line of an entirely new Global Reality!! Are you ready? More insight to follow. But I didn’t want to wait to share this with you. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto is also: debt forgiveness (look up NESARA/GESARA), benevolence, global financial relief, and so much more!! Their 1st Conjunction brought Stimulus Checks and their 2nd round of financial relief is also coming and MUCH MORE by Dec 21 and the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction at 0+ degrees Aquarius in the US’s 8th House by Sun Sign.

As I write this on Friday morning as Mars Squared the Nodes of Fate, the confirmation of the energies I was feeling has been coming in. So watch for news reaching you as well. Well, here it is!!

And here are the aspects for the weekend as we approach Jun 30 to Jul 5!

Saturday, Jun 27, EST

At 9:45pm Mars Ingresses Aries.

As Mars reaches his own Sign, we will be MOTIVATED!! You will know exactly what you want to do NOW! He has been in Pisces for 6 weeks dissolving our old motivations in order to birth some new ones as he reaches the fire that is Aries’ initiating energy. Mars will Retrograde in Aries and so will stay in his own Sign until Jan 6, 2021! We will get plenty accomplished with this energy though it will also challenge us in many ways as Mars Squares Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

Sunday, Jun 28

At 4:16am the Moon at 7:06 Libra Square the Sun at 7:06 Cancer creating the Waxing Quarter Moon.

The Moon is halfway between the Solar Eclipse of Jun 21 and the Lunar Eclipse of Jul 5. As the Moon is in Libra, we will be looking at relationships in light of the Fresh Start of the Solar Eclipse and the closing down of something at the Lunar Eclipse.

At 6:59am Mars at 0:14 Aries Sextiles Saturn Rx at 0:14 Aquarius.

This is a helpful energy as Mars’ first upon entering Aries. The Sextile is productive. Mars will be seeing how motivated he is to socialize and/or which boundaries are still in place regarding groups and circulating out and about.

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