The Astrology of a Face Mask & Mars Quintiles Pluto Rx – Jul 7

At 7:14pm Venus at 8:09 Gemini Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 23:09 Capricorn.

There is a necessary adjustment to create an ease. It likely centers around expresses your values (Venus in Gemini) and the bigger picture of spiritual philosophy. You may want to just keep your own local resources in mind, but there is an entire world that needs to be considered in there as well. That makes is spiritual when you rise about your own needs. Make that adjustment and all will go well.

At 10:38pm (EST) Mars at 5:55 Aries Quintiles Pluto Rx at 23:55 Capricorn.

This is Part 2 of Mars Quintile to both Jupiter and Pluto at virtually the same time. Through our actions, motivations and self-assertion on Monday and Tuesday we can glean more about the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction that occurred on Jun 30, one week ago. Are you motivated to apply your new spiritual philosophy? Are you motivated to pursue some shared resource situations? The energy is effortless if you are motivated for either of these things.

Mars rules Aries and they both rule the eyes and nose on our face. Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time sharing memes and news about face-masks (Chiron in Aries). It was great energy to get some messages across. As a Scorpio Sun, I have Jupiter and Pluto Transiting my 3rd House of the conscious mind/communications by Sun Sign. So was applying some spiritual philosophy and even global perspective using Saudi women as an example. Of course, Pluto added to the intensity of the communications, but the Quintile made it all magical and helpful to some who feel wearing a mask is their new virtue (likely some of those have strong Aries charts and Chiron Transiting in Aries is making them insecure so the mask feels comforting to them. Venus in Gemini is shaping it all up to be virtuous as their desires are looked at.

The Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction is separating a bit now and will continue to as Jupiter returns to 17:24 Capricorn before Stationing Direct on Sep 12. Pluto is returning to 22:29 Capricorn where he will Station Direct on Oct 4. But Mars is charging forward ready to Conjunct Chiron one week from today. But Chiron is stopped in the heavens at the moment at 9:26 Aries as he will Station Retrograde on Jul 11.

The storyline is building to the Conjunction of Mars to Chiron when it comes to ‘masks’. The Mars/Jupiter Conjunction of March 20 ‘spread the virus’ fear (whether virus was real didn’t matter at the time). Mars will Square Jupiter on Aug 4 increasing the likelihood of fear of ‘infection’ increases. So the ‘mask issue’ is with us for a while as those who are afraid, happily wear it. This group includes many Baby-Boomers who have Chiron Opposing their Natal Neptune in Libra bringing up subconscious fear.

Cancers are especially susceptible to the fear of it all because they are security-conscious anyway of all family and themselves. Pluto has been Transiting Opposite their 1st House since 2008 challenging them in so many ways. So keep the individual placements in mind when dealing with your closest souls.

What has been effortless yesterday and today will become Karmic once Mars begins to Square Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn through Aug (Aug 4, 12 and 24 in that order). So don’t expect a cakewalk in the month of August… prepare now to manage angry people who want YOU to mask up too because THEY are afraid. There are many memes in the social media extolling the virtue of wearing a mask for the safety of others, but there are many that tell the truth about the effectiveness to protect you from anything.

Here is a story I posted that perfectly captures Mars Quintile Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx:

So how did it start that women would be covered in black, you might ask? (see photo of Saudi women)

Innocently enough…
It was for their own protection and their families.

The deserts were our wild west and traders moving through would raid from each other in order to survive: food, goods, and women.

So they started dressing the women in black so they wouldn’t be seen at night when raiders came through.

But guess what? It stuck and these women have been wearing them EVER SINCE!! Their NEW NORMAL.

Don’t believe the MASK… its a symbol of slavery!!! (At least to Americans because of the US Natal Chart).

In Astrology, the mask would be a symbol of 3rd Dimensional thought: worry around touch, death, Karma. A 5D response would be to accept everything as an experience… but you still need to operate with EACH of the Planetary energies in your OWN chart and see what is tripping you up and why. That is ALSO 5D! You are going to FEEL ALL of the Planetary energies, but your response to them determines which Dimension you are in at that moment.

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