Eros in Gemini, Mercury Rx Square Mars & Venus Ses-Square Pluto Rx – Jul 8/9

On Monday Eros Ingressed Gemini and we have 5D desires for communicating with others. Make good use of effective communication to connect.

At 6:41am (EST) on Wednesday Mercury Rx at 6:07 Cancer Squares Mars at 6:07 Aries.

With Mercury Retrograde, this aspect will come around again once he is Direct. But the 2nd aspect won’t occur until Jul 27 at 16:20 Cancer/Aries respectively.

This is aggressive communication that you might want to keep secret. Or you are motivated to communicate with family or to act on some plans that you have been revising with Mercury Rx.

On Sunday at 4:26am Mercury will Station Direct at 5:30 Cancer. For the 3 weeks following his Station, we will get a bit clearer on changes to our plans around home. It will be the last word for a while.

At 11:03am on Thursday Venus at 8:53 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 23:53 Capricorn.

This is Venus’ 3rd Ses-Square to Pluto Rx over here Retrograde cycle. The previous Ses-Squares were: Apr 15 and Jun 10 while Rx. She also will make 3 Biquintiles which are double-magic/5D and effortless energy. But for now, we need to make an adjustment between our values for all things local and our shared resources with the powers that be. Adjust your values or your resources to create the ease this aspect promises.

On Tuesday Venus made a Ses-Square to Jupiter Rx and so she has been moving in aspect to both. Jupiter is showing us optimistic and proactive leadership styles and Pluto is showing us the need for transparency and honesty in our shared resources and use of power.

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