Higher-Minded Clarity, then Insecurity – Jul 14

At 2:11am the Sun at 22:16 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 10:16 Taurus.

With all that has been going on some inspiring clarity is a welcome reprieve. We have had lots of time to think about mom, home, family and land with Mercury’s Retrograde cycle in Cancer. But the Sun making an effortless to change and awareness, can’t help but help us. We can set new goals with the flashes of insight from Uranus. He is the Great Awakener and has been shaking up many areas of our available resources and earned income. But today we can see ways to use his changes to our family’s advantage.

At 3:58am the Sun at 22:20 Cancer Opposes Jupiter Rx at 22:20 Capricorn.

Now we are seeing a contrast between our goals at home and our new leadership styles in public areas. How can being a good nurturer also help us to be more authoritative? Can we apply our spiritual philosophy to the ways we lead? Will this help us to bring family values into our public realm? Jupiter is sitting at the degree of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12 so there may be some higher perspective today that can help us see how the transformation (Pluto) of our public structures (Saturn) is offering an opportunity as well. This opportunity could benefit our sense of family and tending the land.

At 5:07am Mars at 9:26 Aries Conjuncts Chiron Rx at 9:26 Aries.

Still at the exact position of his Retrograde Station, Chiron is quite potent right now. Mask-wearing is back in vogue in ‘Blue’ States in the US. Covering our faces changes how we assert ourselves and Chiron is making us insecure or less direct and many find the mask to be a good solution for all that is ailing them, which is insecurity and lack of motivation. Look to the area of your life where you have 9 Aries to see WHO else you might feel most insecure around (as shown by the House). Thankfully this is fast-moving energy, but there is something here worth seeing and feeling to understand a Soul-Level wounding of the ‘self’.

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