Sun Opposes Pluto & Saturn Quincunx the North Node – Jul 15/16

Wednesday, Jul 15, EST

At 3:12pm the Sun at 23:44 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 23:44 Capricorn.

A clarifying aspect around home/career, mom/dad, land/social status, nurturing/discipline. The Sun in Cancer has been helping us set new goals around mom, home, family and land. This is the season of family reunions and get togethers. Yesterday the Sun crossed over the US’s Natal Mercury and may have brought some clarity around the polarity being experienced here. We have not yet had the New Moon in Cancer (the annual ‘fresh start’ in the Sign) so we have some further clarity coming at that time: Mon, Jul 20 at 28:27 Cancer.

For now, we can SEE how we are feeling about the financial restructuring that the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction created a new for. And how we are choosing new leadership styles in our public structures via the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction. How is this impacting our homes, land and the like? How will happen in the housing market as we move forward? Is your home providing you the security you need to move through all the transformation Pluto is bringing our way?

At 7:54pm Mars at 10:18 Aries Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 10:18 Taurus.

A minor aspect that can’t hurt though we can get ahead of ourselves here and trip ourselves up a bit. Still, we will be initiating ourselves in surprising ways to acquire resources, pursue beauty or to act on our inspired values.

Thursday, Jul 16

At 8:24am Saturn Rx at 28:58 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 28:58 Gemini.

Saturn back in Capricorn is in his own Sign again so we are focused on bread-winning, social status and careers. We are reviewing what occurred around Mar 9 as Saturn makes the 2nd pass to this position. We need to look at new structures we are putting in place while keeping things local via the NN in Gemini. People are fleeing the US cities of late due to rioting and defunding the police, so the Soulful emphasis IS on local issues, neighborhoods and structures we need to put there to initiate well-being. It can feel a bit Karmic right now as Gemini is the Sign where Karma begins and Saturn rules Karmic fear in 3D. But deep, intimate bonding, with no resistance, is the way out of the restriction of Saturn’s lower vibration. How can we each do more to prop up public structures in our own neighborhoods? What adjustment do we need to make for us to succeed in doing so?

At 11:16pm Mars at 10:55 Aries Quintiles Saturn Rx at 28:55 Capricorn.

An effortless aspect between our personal motivations and our responsibilities as authorities or bread-winners. Our actions will work magically with our career goals or social status. We can succeed by doing today. So make use of this helpful energy.

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