#2 New Moon in Cancer – Jul 20

On Jun 21st we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0:21 Cancer. A Solar Eclipse is a Super-Charged New Moon and now we have a 2nd New Moon at 28:27 Cancer. This doesn’t happen that often, but when it does its like a double-emphasis in that area of our lives: mom, home, family, land, emotional roots, hometown, etc.

Monday, Jul 20, EST

At 1:33pm the Moon at 28:27 Cancer Conjuncts the Sun at 28:27 Cancer creating the New Moon.

This New Moon will echo some of the changes that the Solar Eclipse promised us. At the Solar Eclipse, Mercury had just Stationed Retrograde and was in the process of revising our plans around Cancerian energies of mom, home, family and land. Now he is Direct and retracing his steps so the finalizing of our plans can begin to take shape. He is about 20 degrees behind the Sun and Moon at the New Moon. He will make a Virgintile to the Moon at 9:50am which is some mental ideation and the Moon adds intuition around the promise of this New Moon.

If you are like me, you may be waiting for some pieces of information to fall into place to know exactly what you need to be doing between the New Moon and the next Full Moon on Aug 3 at 11:46 Aquarius. In the meantime, I have been packing and doing what I can knowing a move is in the works, but the question of WHERE TO MOVE TO is still up in the air. Though I have some ideas, there are conscious decisions that need to be made when the information comes in.

At 4:37pm Venus at 15:30 Gemini Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 21:30 Capricorn.

What a lovely aspect for communicating our desires and optimism around our ability to bring home the bacon, or emulate good leadership, or express our values to those in authority positions. The energy is effortless, healing and expansive so seize the day!

At 6:28pm the Sun at 28:38 Cancer Opposes Saturn Rx at 28:38 Capricorn.

Just when it felt like everything was a ‘go’ you may experience a set-back in your goals and purpose. But heed the restriction well so you can move forward with less drama. Or is it YOU who is putting the halt to a family situation that looked about to take off? See what happens and look for your opportunity to incorporate a slower pace moving forward.

Tuesday, Jul 21

At 1:25am the Sun at 28:55 Cancer Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 28:55 Gemini.

Saturn Quincunxed the North Node on Thursday and now the Sun is moving through an aspect to both of them as they Separate. This is a great chance to get more clarity into Thursday’s aspect and see which way to move your goals along for more success.

The North Node in Gemini is keeping the Soulful Lessons ‘local’ and the Sun in the Sign of family is happy to include the neighborhood, siblings and cousins into the equation. So look to see what is being called for in your purpose today.

At 11:51am Mercury at 9:24 Cancer Squares Chiron Rx at 9:24 Aries.

Some dramatic or hurtful words are possible. Though this is Mercury’s 3rd Square to Chiron so this is the final say for the time being (1st-Jun 5 and 2nd-Jul 1). Chiron is bringing up insecurity, racism, name calling and lack of motivation worries and Mercury wants to keep his ideas under wraps while in Cancer. He is security-conscious for the time being. So you can see if someone pushes your insecurity you just may come back rather dramatically. But you can watch things occur rather than adding fuel to the fire if you stay mindful.

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