Mercury Meets Square & Uranus & Sun Ingresses Leo – Jul 21/22

Tuesday, Jul 21

At 11:51am Mercury at 9:24 Cancer Squares Chiron Rx at 9:24 Aries.

Not a fun aspect, typically, as someone in the family may be upset with you not doing enough or not protecting a family member by wearing a mask, etc. Insecurity meets drama. Lack of motivation meets backlash. Thankfully it is fast-moving Mercury and you can likely shake it off.

Wednesday, Jul 22

At 4:37am the Sun Ingresses Leo.

Now our goals and purpose shift from family to fun. The next month is all about entertainment, romance, creativity, children and being the center of attention. It will be harder to stay home and thankfully Saturn is not in Aquarius at the moment restricting our motivation so we are feeling more free to pursue romance and entertainment. While in Leo, the Sun’s hardest aspect will be a Square to Uranus, but that can be very helpful clarity.

At 4:25pm Mercury at 10:28 Cancer Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 10:28 Taurus.

This is a minor aspect, but can’t hurt to have Mercury elevated into some Higher-Mind energy. We will have some unexpected financial assistance from or for family. Or we could have some inspiring new ways to acquire resources/earn income from home. What gets said could just pop up unheeded, but it is helpful in getting us onto a new path fueled by some revelation.

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