Venus Biquintile Pluto; Pysche & Eros in Gemini – Jul 23

At 12:59pm (EST) Venus at 17:33 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 23:33 Capricorn.

Effortless energy around our desires to communicate and our shared resources from our career or social status. It is a great time to sign a contract for investment or merge with another financially or sensually/sexually. Our words can attract an investor or an intimate partner. Transparency is easy and beneficial to the overall terms of the deal. Honesty is a likely outcome and you can express yourself freely and win the backing of an authority type. You could buy a car with some financial help or a loan. You could put all your new financial dealings in writing or simply decide on what you want from an investor.

There are no more major aspects until Monday when we have the Quarter Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter Sextiles Neptune.

A few days ago Pysche Ingressed Gemini joining Eros already in the Sign. Our 5D desires and Soul Mind are now both in the Sign of communication, ideas, local travel, neighborhood and siblings. Which House do you have 2-14 Gemini in your Natal Chart? This may tell you who you are connecting with Soulfully for the next while.

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