Venus Biquintile Saturn Rx – Jul 29

At 6:24am Venus at 22:01 Gemini Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 28:01 Capricorn.

Venus is finally out of the Shadow of her Retrograde cycle so today we are speaking or thinking about new values, desires and available resources. This double-magic aspect is effortless energy between our ability to initiate structures and deliver resources to ourselves or siblings, cousins and local community. We can feel desirable and offer touch to those who may be feeling depressed or a bit too serious. Love with siblings and authority-types is easy to express today.

Saturn is still Retrograde and made his first pass to this position on Feb 28 so there could be something that comes up today that ties back to that time.

This is a fast-moving aspect so enjoy the effortless energy around your desires and career goals.

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