Mercury Meets 2 Higher-Minds in a Wedge – Jul 30/31

Thursday, Jul 30, EST

At 10:17am Mercury at 20:18 Cancer Opposes Jupiter Rx at 20:18 Capricorn.

Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune form a Wedge configuration today. Jupiter Sextiled Neptune on Monday and that aspect is separating, but Mercury activates it again as he aspects them both today.

Mercury in Cancer is security-conscious communication. Jupiter Rx is reviewing our philosophy of leadership and styles that are preferred for being proactive, optimistic and benevolent. But the Opposition is going to show a contrast between these 2 energies. Mercury is likely to speak more today even if he does so dramatically. Jupiter is pondering why he is so closed-mouthed about his feelings. How can you apply

At 2:44pm Mercury at 20:36 Cancer Trine Neptune Rx at 20:36 Pisces.

This aspect is likely to help Mercury to feel more comfortable expressing himself. There is no hesitancy with this easy energy from Neptune. We can even discuss how leaders in the family mirror public leaders or how to apply our leadership preferences within the family. You can hear some good news around home and family issues.

At 9:50pm Venus at 23:22 Gemini Quincunx Pluto at 23:22 Capricorn.

Last Thursday Venus made a Biquintile to Pluto and the magic was available. Now based on what occurred then between our intimate relationships we now need to make an adjustment of some sort to continue to move things forward. Your desires to communicate may need to be adjusted to someone’s misuse of authority. Or you may need to be more transparent to match the integrity Pluto demands through his highest vibration. Honesty is the best policy and the highest form of intimacy and financial mergers.

Friday, Jul 31

At 6:47am the Sun at 8:42 Leo Semi-Squares Venus at 23:42 Gemini.

You have goals to have more fun and romance, but there is a bit of irritation here when someone expresses their desires. Look for clarity and reach out to touch someone or apply a bit of humor to overcome the irritation.

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