Busy, Energetic Day & Mercury Into Leo – Aug 4/5

I have been moving and today was to be the ‘final’ day, but it has dragged into tomorrow morning, now. So these aspects have already passed, however, the energy is pretty easy to detect in the rearview mirror.

At 3:02am Mercury at 28:24 Cancer Semi-Sextile the North Node at 28:24 Gemini.

A minor aspect but one that aligns our thoughts, ideas and verbal expressions into alignment with family and sibling issues or transportation. Whatever the topic, it was Soulful and about doing local things rather than global things.

At 9:06am Mercury at 19:45 Aries Squared Jupiter Rx at 19:45 Capricorn.

Over the top activity to succeed. Expansive motivation to bring home the bacon that challenges you more than anticipated. Or your spiritual and leadership philosophy runs counter to your personal motivations right now. This is their Opening Square and Mars will Square Jupiter 2 more times. It was interesting to note today that rather than seeing an increase (Jupiter) in infection (Mars), I noticed fewer people complying with our Governor’s mask-wearing executive order.

At 6:07pm Venus at 27:33 Gemini Quincunx Saturn Rx at 27:33 Capricorn.

Saturn is exactly Conjunct the US’s Natal Pluto. While it looked like another Stimulus check or package was forthcoming, Saturn seems to be slowing this down. For everyone else, your own resources may seem restricted and you express your desires to someone in authority or in your neighborhood, siblings or community. This is the 2nd Saturn Conjunction to US Pluto so the structural financial transformation is well underway.

At 11:32pm Mercury Ingresses Leo.

Now comes the summer romance to spice things up in our lives. Since Mercury Retrograded in Cancer, he has been in that Sign for a few months and our conscious attention has been on family, land and nurturing. Now we will be planning to have some fun with children, romantic partners and be seeking out some entertainment venues.

If you have an awareness of the global child trafficking, Mercury in the Sign of children, Leo, should be bringing headlines around these issues. Leo is also the Sign of entertainers and we know that Hollywood is deeply involved. This will be a time to SEE what has been hidden for a long time. Watch for news programs or coverage around this issue. Many of the pedophiles that are older have their Natal Pluto in Leo and so the sex with children is part of their Charts. Not ALL this generation is involved in this, for sure, but this is one of the classic placements for this sort of thing. Commonly there are other things as well such as Black Moon Lillith in Leo or the 5th House making these natives erotic at a young age so they would encounter these life experiences. There is far more to this Astrological story and I hope that once I’ve finished moving I can address ALL of the major things going on right now.

Wednesday, Aug 5

At 12:05pm Venus at 28:13 Gemini Conjuncts the North Node at 28:13 Gemini.

Occurring once a year, this is a Soulful energy to our desires. With the North Node in Gemini, we are beautifying our speech or expressing our desires. WHO we are desiring is likely a strong Soulful character in our lives. Look to the House where you have 28+ Gemini to see WHO this Soulful connection is in your life.

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