Venus Enters Cancer & Powerful Background Energies are Building – Aug 7

While I write about the daily aspects between the Transiting Planets so that you can learn to FEEL the energies and identify how these Transits play out in your life, sometimes it is limiting to me and I want to write more than that. But it is NOT for me to TELL you Astrology, but rather to help your awareness of its accuracy grow so you can use it as a tool.

With that said, much of the energy you are likely feeling right now is Saturn Rx applying back to near Pluto’s Retrograde Station (25:00 Capricorn). Things are serious and we are feeling some restrictions again. We are also feeling Mars applying to Square Pluto which will exact on Aug 13 and Mars will Square Saturn on Aug 24. Mars is in his own Sign and represents the self and our ability, will to assert ourselves. But Mars Square Pluto is known to create ‘wars’ and some feel like we are headed towards a Civil War in the US. Largely this won’t be US citizens against each other and I do believe our President with his military (Mars too) alliance has a handle on things… that is the energy I’m feeling. But there are divisive elements instigating greater division within our country (really Pluto’s Transit Opposing the US’s Natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer). Saturn is still almost exactly Conjunct the US’s Pluto. Capricorn is the highest point of the Earth’s chart and a very publicly VISIBLE Sign. So it is in our faces (Mars rules the face and Chiron is Transiting there as well). Keep your head (Mars) on straight and don’t look for a fight. The division between you and any neighbors is an illusion and much is at play here. More than I can quantify right now with the changes occurring in my life. The restructuring of our government, banking and corporate (Capricorn) areas of life is in flux and ready to be SEEN in its new form by end of November. Meantime, let the energies play itself out.

Know that we are also wrapping up the 2000 year cycle of the Age of Pisces and many things that have been hidden throughout this Age will be SEEN and the duality of the 2 Fishes moving in opposite directions MUST BE reconciled before we move into the more enlightened era of the Age of Aquarius. What an interesting time to be alive. Watch the show!! Go to your highest, more equitable ideals (Aquarius) of freedom, equality for all and revelation and awareness… for that is the Age we are moving into.

Thursday, Aug 6

At 7:43am the Sun at 14:28 Leo Biquintiled Neptune Rx at 20:28 Pisces.

This was effortless clarity and a deep-seated harmony with everyone (provided no other aspects dominated your chart). You could set goals for fun, romance, creative ventures or children that couldn’t help but succeed and you had no hesitation.

Friday, Aug 7

At 7:14am Venus Ingressed Cancer.

She has finally left the Sign of Gemini where we Retrograded… remember her ’40 Days and 40 Nights’ of temptation and testing of our values and desires? Well that is behind us for now and we know what we want moving forward… for another year anyway. As she Transits through Cancer, we will desire mom, home, family, land and nurturing. The Sun and Mercury are up there making plans for fun, but our desires are to nest more right now. We want to beautify our homes, or spend spa time at home. Or earn a living from home right now. Because the big bad world out there (South Node in Sagittarius has us letting go of cities and urban areas) seems to not be where we feel comfortable for now. Instead, we are considering how to earn a living from the confines of home.

At 6:30pm Mercury at 5:26 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 20:26 Pisces.

There is some connection to yesterday’s Biquintile with the Sun and Neptune. The Sun is leading the Personal Planets through the Signs. And shining light on our goals and purpose. Now Mercury needs to adjust his plans in order to enjoy some of the ease the Sun’s clarity provided yesterday. We need to get ‘right’ with our Higher, subconscious mind in order to move forward and enjoy ourselves more. Leo is all about fun and Neptune can help us to feel more comfortable with it all when he is aspected productively.

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