Quincunx Adjust Us & Uranus Stations Rx – Aug 14/15

Friday, Aug 14, EST

Over the next 18 hours Mercury will move through the Finger of God (Yod) that the Sun moved through on Tuesday and Wednesday. Now we will be focused on communicatin/expressing some of the clarity received at that time.

At 7:28am Mercury at 18:45 Leo Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 18:45 Capricorn.

Today our plans for fun, romance, children or creativity need to be adjusted to align with our sense of benevolent leadership and taking the higher road. If your career field is in question, some time with children might adjust the way you approach your career and how you communicate. A sense of fun can help leaders be more benevolent and loving towards even the most vulnerable of us all… our children.

Saturday, Aug 15

At 1:13am Mercury at 20:16 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 20:16 Pisces.

For subconscious ease to continue, we need to adjust our plans or communications to account for any hesitancy we may be feeling. There is a nudge at the back of our mind telling us what needs adjusting. Pay attention and make the adjustment. Mercury is the conscious/seen/5-10% mind and Neptune is the subconscious/unseen/90% mind where we are all connected. When you remember that everything you are SEEING is derived from a deeper place, you can speak with less fear or less hesitancy. That is the adjustment required right now.

At 6:13am the Sun at 23:03 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 23:03 Capricorn.

The Sun is continuing to make adjustments today regarding our fun and those who may be misusing their authority. OR perhaps your plans are not as transparent as they should be for your deepest level of intimacy to be reached. Strive for honesty and transparency in all of your goals and you will be adjusted to Pluto’s highest vibration. The Sun is planning more fun and romance, but Pluto prefers a total merging of yourself to them. Romance is fine, but something deeper is being asked of you. So adjust your goals and clarify them before continuing forward. Keep in mind, though, this is the REAL attitude adjustment between your ego and some misuse of authority. How can you improve or adjust your attitude to manage the Pluto types?

At 10:27am Uranus at 10:41 Taurus Stations Retrograde.

So we have been moving along strong since Jan 10 when Uranus Stationed Direct at 2:39 Taurus. We have seen some strong changes to the way we acquire resources or earned income. There has been some changes that equalize resources for each person. We have seen some very bizarre ideas around beauty and we have changed some of our values. But it is unmistakable Uranus’s effect on our fixed Earth areas of our lives. They have become changeable rather than stuck. And assets of the wealthy are ready to be distributed more equally and philanthropically. But Uranus Retrograde will now have us REVIEWING the changes we have been making to make sure these changes are fair, equitable and afford everyone some freedom. Uranus is now going to travel back to 6:43 before Stationing Direct on Jan 14, 2021.

As a Cancer Sun country, Uranus is Transiting the US’s 11th House (which he rules) but is activating an ‘awakening’ within our country. That is the major quote of the Q movement: ‘The GREAT AWAKENING!’ And it is going to awaken a desire (Taurus) for freedom (Uranus) and equality for all. Sounds about right if you are paying attention to the ‘conservative’ side of news found in other areas than the mainstream media.

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