Mental Clarity Leading to the Superior Conjunction – Aug 16/17

On Sunday and Monday Mercury is right on the heels of the Sun as he applies to meet the Sun in their Superior Conjunction (midpoint of their cycle). This means they are both making the same aspects to other Planets and their energies are already merged as they exact their Conjunction at 11:07am on Monday, Aug 17.

Sunday, Aug 16, EST

At 4:00am the Sun at 23:55 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 8:55 Aries.

Here we have clarity around our sense of fun, romance and creativity and how we are lacking motivation or feeling insecure. We need to adjust the way we initiate ourselves in order to have more fun, which the ease that results from the adjustment here.

At 9:38am Mercury at 23:01 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 23:01 Capricorn.

The Sun made this aspect on Saturday morning and now we are likely to express what we saw clearly at that time. How is someone in authority causing you to adjust your sense of fun or your being the center of attention? Do you have someone who is financing your fun or self-promotion that is causing you to have to adjust your goals?

At 10:02am the Sun at 24:09 Leo Trines Mars at 24:09 Aries.

All systems are go now as you set goals for fun and initiate the action necessary. Though there is plenty of conflicting energies also at play so you may just let the ease slip by without much action.

At 7:48pm the Sun at 24:33 Leo Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 18:33 Capricorn.

By evening, we are enjoying effortless clarity around children and benevolent leadership. Or it may be that you want to romance someone who holds some authority over you or could help you with your career.

At 7:59pm Venus at 8:53 Cancer Squares Chiron Rx at 8:53 Aries.

But here we can feel some hesitation in our desires to reach out and touch, nurture or show love. We may feel that we are not as desirable as we were thinking. But that is just for the moment so don’t give up on things.

At 8:02pm Mercury at 23:53 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 8:53 Aries.

You may end up expressing your insecurity to a romantic partner through some joke and you actually create an ease by being able to express any awkwardness and it makes you even more charming.

At 8:06pm Mercury at 23:54 Leo Semi-Squares Venus at 8:54 Cancer.

Still, you might just end up irritated with yourself for making the effort to romance someone. You might wish you had just kept your desires to yourself.

Monday, Aug 17

At 1:29am Mercury at 24:21 Leo Trines Mars at 24:21 Aries.

But later in the evening, you may receive some communication that helps you to act on your romantic thoughts and ideas.

At 3:29am Mercury at 24:31 Leo Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 18:31 Capricorn.

Now Mercury can put into words your ideas of good leadership of children or ways to make entertainment demonstrate some big ideas you want to express AND show. You might actually publish something that is fun and entertaining and it could be successful in some way.

At 11:07am the Sun at 25:10 Leo Conjuncts Mercury at 25:10 Leo creating their Superior Conjunction.

This is 1 of 6 days each year where our conscious, planning mind of Mercury is in sync with the real-time of the Sun. Over the last 24 hours, all that has been spoken, written and planned has been based in reality and shows us our goals. Today you can clearly SEE what your conscious mind is THINKING as it comes back to you through clarity or expression. The Superior Conjunction is the mid-point of the current Sun/Mercury cycle which began at the Inferior Conjunction of Jun 1 at 9:43 Cancer. How are you proceeding with your plans made at that time? This mid-point is a chance to realign your conscious mind (plans, words, ideas) with reality so that you can better anticipate what you might be seeing up ahead as your reality goes out of sync again. This current cycle ends at the next Inferior Conjunction (with Mercury in Retrograde motion) on Oct 25 at 2:48 Scorpio.

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