Adjustment, Magic & Frustration – Aug 23/24

Sunday, Aug 23, EST, PM

At 11:37pm Mercury at 7:53 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 22:53 Capricorn.

We are talking about healthcare, fitness, work/workplace, co-workers, first responders and service-related issues. But we need to adjust our words in order to create an ease with the Pluto-type who has been misusing their authority.

Monday, Aug 24

At 9:35am Mercury at 8:40 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 8:40 Aries.

Now our insecurity or lack of motivation will create an adjustment to our plans around work, health, etc. Or someone you work with may not be properly motivated and you find yourself doing the work.

At 11:30am Mercury at 8:48 Virgo Quintiles the North Node at 26:48 Gemini.

Well this aspect is likely to help you with the lack of motivation or insecurity aspect above. Here you will have effortless ability to communicate work, health and service needs so that even a Kindergartner could perform the tasks. Or you find a ride to get to work that just appears as if from nowhere. Lots of ways this magical energy can play out. But you will feel very good about your plans and your words could work wonders.

At 2:19pm Mars at 26:19 Aries Squares Saturn Rx at 26:19 Capricorn.

This is a challenge between our ‘go’ and our ‘stop/slow’ energy. You want to do your own thing but some authority type may be slowing you down or just plain blocking your path. Frustration is a common result with this aspect. At least you will naturally be able to slow if you need to.

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