Passionate Words & Ease of Touch – Aug 26/27

After all of the aspects on Tuesday, the rest of the week looks pretty quiet.

Wednesday, Aug 26, EST

At 10:56pm Mars at 26:48 Aries Sextiles the North Node at 26:48 Gemini.

Today our personal motivations are working productively with our Soulful ideas and communication. Our actions are supporting our words. We are seeing how to act on the ideas we have for building strong neighborhoods and communities. We could find ourselves aggressively pursuing some ideas and our words will demonstrate our passion.

Thursday, Aug 27

At 5:12pm Venus at 19:57 Cancer Trines Neptune Rx at 19:57 Pisces.

What a nice easy feeling around our desires that seem to bring us into a calm space. We want to feel at home wherever we are and our subconscious is supporting us in this feeling. We can feel love, beauty and be ready to reach out and touch someone without hesitation. Any masks are liable to fall away today so that you can be near someone.

Enjoy this ease now because by Monday we will have a challenging T-Square with Venus in Cancer, Saturn Rx in Capricorn and Mars in Aries. The energy will flow into Libra and relationships, but there can be angst in pursuing our desires and we need to balance home and career at the same time.

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