3-Way of Mercury, Saturn and the North Node – Sep 2/3

Wednesday, Sep 2, EST, PM

At 6:22pm the Sun at 10:53 Virgo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 25:53 Capricorn.

Saturn is in revision mode. This is where we sat back on Feb 8. The Sun is bringing us clarity around work, health, fitness, service, volunteering or daily routines and we need to adjust our goals (Sun) to whatever Saturn is revising in our career, social status and public reputation. The public structures in our lives are in transformation after the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12 at 22:47 Capricorn. Saturn is Retrograding back to 25:20 Capricorn before Stationing Direct on Sep 29. So this is the closest Saturn will get to Pluto, but it is strong enough to feel the intensity again. Saturn is closer to Pluto than Jupiter now so things are a bit less optimistic right now and through until about end of October. Adjust your daily routine (Sun in Virgo) to keep track of details and be response-able to the energy that is holding us still at the moment. Adjust your goals and purpose and there will be an ease regardless of any stress (Saturn) right now.

At 10:43pm Mercury at 25:33 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 10:33 Taurus.

Another adjustment to create an ease. This time between our mental/conscious mind and our revelatory/ingenious mind. Don’t hold too tight to your plans tonight because there is a shake-up you need to embrace for the ease to follow. You could find some unexpected resources help you make a change to your plans. If you had more money would you do something differently? Allow for something unexpected to rearrange your day or evening.

Thursday, Sep 3

At 3:22am Mercury at 25:53 Trines Saturn Rx at 25:53 Capricorn.

This is the 1st aspect of 3 in a 3-way between Mercury, Saturn and the North Node. This is the easiest aspect of all. But it will be hard to separate the easy energy from the harder, stronger energies below. Here your words of authority and service will flow easily. If you are trying to turn your work into a career, this aspect is the Closing Trine of the Mercury/Saturn cycle. You will start to see well things are on track through the Squares as Mercury Retrogrades in late Libra Squaring Saturn 3 times: Sep 23, Nov 1 and Nov 6. So today is easy, but you can likely see what issue will be involved with the Square as far as career, social status and authority.

At 4:24am Mercury at 25:57 Virgo Squares the North Node at 25:57 Gemini.

This aspect isn’t as easy. There may be some challenge to your plans here that involves the way you are communicating them or the plans themselves. Mercury rules the NN in Gemini, his Sign. So it is about our conscious mind, communications, travel, early childhood learning, etc. Perhaps it is something about the entire plan for sending the kids back to school. Daily routines at school and bus issues can be part of this aspect. This also means Mercury is Square the SN in Sagittarius. We need to balance our local situation with some global understanding and perspective. Or our work should be local, but with a global benefit in mind.

At 2:12pm Saturn Rx at 25:51 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 25:51 Gemini.

This is the stronger energy for sure, but with Mercury in the mix we are able to SEE the energy in some physical form and/or express it. This aspect also has Saturn Semi-Sextile the South Node in Sagittarius. When Saturn and the SN meet, there is often some past-life situation playing out. The NN shows us the Soul-Level lessons we are working on right now. Communicating within the neighborhood. Keep communications simple and not too philosophical. Doing our best to educate children and to foster community. These are some of the lessons. Saturn is working to rebuild some of the public structures he and Pluto ‘destroyed to be transformed’ around Jan timeframe of their Conjuction. Will some authority issue some new guidelines (boundaries and restrictions) for our public schools? Likely a great aspect to expect them to be discussing this or flexing their muscle in some way.

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