Personal 3-Way & Uranus Semi-Square the North Node – Sep 4/5

At 5:12am Venus at 27:55 Cancer Squares Mars at 27:55 Aries.

This is the 1st aspect in a 3-way with Mercury, Venus and Mars. Here men and women, or our male and female energies, are at odds with each other. We want to both stay home and beautify or watch over mom, but we also want to get out and do our own thing. Or you want to stay home and your partner is aggressively challenging you to DO something. We may be very private too about our desires, but someone is in our face trying to get us to come out of our shell.

At 9:15am Mercury at 27:56 Virgo Quincunx Mars at 27:56 Aries.

Our mind is on service and work, but our actions are self-motivated. Or we want to work and someone else is pushing our buttons. Mars is close to his Retrograde Station and still in orb of a Square to Saturn Rx and frustration is what he is likely showing through his actions. Mercury will try to be very precise with his words say why he is too busy, but Mars isn’t having it. Someone needs to make an adjustment.

At 4:32pm Mercury at 28:26 Virgo Sextiles Venus at 28:26 Cancer.

Well this energy is far easier. So the busy one of the 3 makes nice by helping the other one around the house. Or at least now you can help someone open up about their desires and you can serve them in meeting them.

At 9:54pm the Sun at 12:58 Virgo Ses-Squares Mars at 27:58 Aries.

Now you might have some clarity about what is frustrating Mars and adjust your own goals to work with him. Or you may understand your own frustration better and see ways to channel that energy. Adjust your actions or your goals in order to obtain the ease.

Saturday, Sep 5, AM

At 7:53am Uranus Rx at 10:31 Taurus Semi-Squares the North Node at 25:31 Gemini.

While this exacts on Saturday morning, this aspect has been likely rubbing you the wrong way for over a week now. There is some irritation between your desires for change and your need to build community. Or you have some inspiration for new ways to earn a living or acquire some resources, but you don’t have the transportation you need to make this happen. Or a sibling is blocking you ideas for the moment. Or no one else can see how great your ideas are and so you are irritated that they keep up with you.

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