Clear Work Goals, Interrupted Relationship Plans & Jupiter Stations Direct – Sep 11-13

Friday, Sep 11, EST

At 4:26pm the Sun at 19:33 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 19:33 Pisces.

Virgo externalizes Pisces’ subconscious energies. The Sun in Virgo has us getting very clear about our daily goals and routines. We can set goals around health, fitness and volunteering. The Opposition to Neptune is a contrast showing us how our subconscious inhibits or supports our daily rituals and routines. The Sun can show through the fog that Neptune creates. We get a glimpse of any subconscious, Karmic fear that might have been holding us back. So we can let it go and set realistic goals.

Saturday, Sep 12

At 8:34am Mercury at 10:22 Libra Quincunx Uranus Rx at 10:22 Taurus.

We want our thoughts to be tranquil and emotionally balanced, but Uranus loves to interject some surprising, shocking ideas that can throw us off our even keel. That is the adjustment that needs to be made. Uranus can change our plans, cause disruptions to our communication channels and yet inspire us to CHANGE things about our relationships. We may have some sudden new desires that disrupt things. Roll with it best you can. Uranus wants CHANGE. In Taurus, he brings changed desires and love-at-first-sight. But you are trying to keep things going smoothly and Uranus just winks at your plans;)

At 8:34am Jupiter at 17:24 Capricorn Stations Direct.

This will bring back a bit more optimism that we had this Spring. Right now Saturn is closer to Pluto than Jupiter and so there can be some heaviness. But Jupiter has reviewed our ideas of sound, beneficial leadership styles and as he moves directly, we will find ourselves spiritually aligning with the correct style and looking for it in others. His time left in Capricorn is now short. Jupiter will Ingress Capricorn on Dec 19 and will Conjunct Saturn at 0:22 Aquarius on Dec 21. So get your new leadership philosophies worked out and begin to operate according to that philosophy yourself. Be optimistic. Be proactive. Be benevolent in authority.

Sunday, Sep 13

At 7:25am Venus at 7:53 Leo Trines Chiron Rx at 7:53 Aries.

Venus is a Healing Planet. When she meets Chiron, Venus’ touch can heal the pain. The Trine means it will be easy to see the Soulfulness of any wounding and connect with others. In Leo, Venus is having fun. Someone may need to you to get them out and about. Or even applying a bit of humor can work to help someone overcome their insecurities or lack of motivation.

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